Women in Arab world

Women in Arab world

Professional Development & Competencies 1211-105 Q3. Discuss the position of women in Middle Eastern society as Scarbor- ough presents the subject. If you were training a small group of Arab engineers and accountants for Jobs in multinational companies, what advice would you give them? Women in Arab world Women in Arab society are facing big issues. They being persecution by men and they are not having their complete right. Actually, Scarborough mentions these issues in his article Arab World and Islam.

He talks about women right in Arab world in three main issues, possibility to work, unable to drive, and fiercely by men. According to Scarborough women’s possibilities to work are way less than men. Even though women have the knowledge and the experience that allow them to work in many places, they cannot have the same options as men especially on open areas where women and man are not separated. In fact, some countries stared to recognize women much better than before. However, there are few countries in Arab world still aving this issue such as Saudi Arabia..

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The author Scarborough also talked women drivers in some Arab countries. However, now women driving issues is being recognized by the government. Many Arabian Gulf countries have these issues several years ago and now women can drive and they can go wherever they want to go. However, yet in Saudi Arabia women cannot drive and women still facing this problem. As matter of fact, there are some Bedouin women who live out of the cities drive and can go to the market with themselves.

The government of Saudi Arabia is saying women will driving soon in this country but when the society get better understanding about women driver. According to Scarborough women in Arab world are been fiercely by men. In my opinion this is a wrong statement. Women in most of Arab countries have the right to do whatever they want. For example, if woman want to married and she agreed no one can stop her from marrying. Moreover, if women want to open their own business they can do it freely.

During years ago Scarborough’s statement was a orrect statement about women in Arab world. However, women glass sealing has been broken. Finally, women in Arab world are facing many challenges to get their right. They are trying to make it clear that women are the same as men in working fields. Also, they need to have the right to allow them to drive in some countries. In addition, women have passed the fiercely by men and they now have much better freedom than before. However, they still have to ask for their right in many situations. By AbdulrahmanAlshehri

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