Why you should read charlie and the chocolate factory

Why you should read charlie and the chocolate factory

Why read Charlie and the chocolate factory A lot of people dreams and ideologies are shaped by books and movies and their stories when they come across as children and teens. These stories are not only giving a flight to fantasy, bit it shapes their ambitions and what they see as to be the possible and impossible. As we grow up to be adults, while many of these notions are long gone, a few stay and turn into inspirations for future adventures.

Roald Dahl is one of the authors who has erhaps been single-handedly responsible for taking millions of kids over the years out of the poverty of creative thoughts and woven worlds where anything can happen to ordinary kids One of these books is Charlie and the chocolate factory, which is the most famous one that he has made. This book has a heavily influential story that has managed to capture the hearts of young and old alike all across the world. The book, which the main character, an ordinary boy named Charlie.

Charlie is a poor kid who ives with he’s family including he’s mum and dad and the respective parents to them. They live in this house which is rickety and they have barely enough food for them to survive. Charlie has one love and that’s for chocolate, which despite the severe financial conditions, his family strives to buy one for he’s birthday. One day Charlie wins a golden ticket to a legendary chocolate factory made and run buy Willy Wonka. Four other children did also get one ticket, but most of these kids are really stupid and their parents are really weird too.

What comes next in the story is pure magical, where there is chocolate rivers, candy trees, gum that tastes as 3 different foods and much more. Charlie won the last golden ticket and the he won the factory because of his manner, where the others behaved dumb and irresponsible. So despite Charlie poorness he won and became rich and probably lived a real awesome life. Roald was fulfilling he’s role as an author to tech and teach kids to behave to get the prizes and not go there in an irresponsible way.

The book has some ig flaws I think like that the government let the kids go into such a dangerous factory. Some other thinks like the Oompa Loompas which in the older books was referred to small black people but this got corrected in the later books and movies but it still remains that they are working as slaves Just to get some beans I think, despite that they willingly fooled with him it still seems a little bit weird and out of place. On other thing is the animal abuse like the squirrels which cracks open nuts all day for Willy Wonka.

Despite these flaws think this book is a great read and it is inspiring story. This book inspiration was when Roald got a box with test chocolates when he worked at a boarding school. Who knew that this would make a real good book which is going to be fabulous for children and also some older people but the wont view it as children would because most of us has already grown up and knows how to behave and we probably knows our general goal of our life. Why you should read charlie and the chocolate factory By clued097