why not to take steroids

why not to take steroids

why not to take steroids BY Jdub33333333 You can bench 400 pounds, run the 40 yard dash in 4. 6 seconds, and hit 30 home runs if you take steroids. Do you take them? The pressure today to get the college scholarship or the professional contract is overwhelming for students. Everybody wants to be the next big star. Steroids have been known to make you stronger, faster, bigger, and better, but are the side affects and the chance of being caught worth it? Some of the psychological side affects are edginess, impatience, ood swings, depression, obsession with body image, and violent outbursts known as roid rage.

Some of the physical side affects are liver damage, kidney damage, decreased Joint flexibility, a bad immune system, and death. Some of the biggest star players have taken steroids, like Alex Rodrigues, Mark McGwire, and Lyle Alzado ( he developed a brain tumor from his steroid problem and died). The problem is kids look up to these players and when they see them taking steroids they think if they can take them then maybe they can and be as good as him. But its not 0k. A way to stop steroid use is to make pros stop taking them.

If pros stop taking them then maybe the kids that look up to them will see that you don’t need steroids to be good. Finally, teams have been seeing that steroids are cheating. They have levied heavy fines, suspended players, and even threatened Jail time. Roger Clemens will never play baseball again because of his alleged involvement with steroids My biggest solutions are. If you notice your son or daughter have grown alot and gained alot of weight in a short period of time. Take them to a doctor and have them drug tested.

It might save your child’s life. Another simple solution is to educate your kids about steroids and the effects they do to your body The other one is if professional athletes stop taking steroids. Chances are kids wont think about taking steroids as much because their role model doesn’t take them. Now I know this will be a difficult task but Teams have begun punishing players and helping them get clean. If we don’t do anything about this steroid problem more young adults will take hem each year and most likely this will lead to more deaths.

In 2005 2. 4% of young adults in 6th-12th grade took steroids. 2. 32% of boys. 57% of steroid users and 12% of nonusers thought it was 0K to use steroids in professional sports. In 2003 a 16 year old boy named Taylor Hooton committed suicide six weeks after discontinuing his steroid use. Taylor Hooton’s father was Burt Hooton a famous major league pitcher for the Dodgers. Now through the Taylor Hooton Foundation, his family is working to raise awareness of the dangers of teroids with young adults.

Because teens are still developing and already have raging hormones, experts worry that steroids, which, among other possible side effects, may shrink testicles, raise cholesterol, promote liver tumors, spur breast growth in males, and shrink breasts and deepen voice in females. Do you still think the risks are still worth it? It’s 0K not to be the biggest or the strongest or the fastest Just be 0K with who you are. I hope if you are ever faced with the choice to take steroids you remember this paper.