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Seem l: Internet and Web Technologies Rules: Case study and white paper both should be submitted in soft copy format. Any one case study topic and one white paper topic can be selected from the list given below. Expected format for both: Title page including names, division (A/B), PRNG numbers and photographs of the students Table of contents Actual material Summary References Abbreviations if any If the format is not maintained or any of the above details are omitted, 25% marks would be deducted.

Length of the case study/white paper is not important. Originality and sincere efforts are more important. Groups of two students each can do this. All referenced material needs to be acknowledged. If the submission is copy-pasted from other sources, no marks would be given. Copying each others’ case study/white paper would also result into zero marks for both groups (copying group as well as original group). Last date for submission would be Saturday, 21 September. The CRY can email me a single zip file or give the submissions on a CD.

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Submissions made after this deadline would result into zero marks. Viva would be conducted on this later. Case Study Impact of digital media on the reading habits of people Comparison of various e-book readers in detail Social networking: Is it a fad? Does social networking really help in making democracy stronger? Piracy and the Internet Digital music and copyrights Comparison of various FTP servers available in the market The future of Internet standards What is new in Internet protocols Video streaming technologies

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