War and culture

The relationship between war and culture found in the Lee chapter you read for this week. Chapter 9 discusses artificial war as it relates to using weapons from the air and those used for long distance bombing. During the Gulf War air strikes and long- range missiles and artillery was far more superior in winning this conflict. The terrain was extremely accessible and the enemy seemed to be easily marked. This conflict changed the military culture for boots on the ground as this strategy dominated an untrained and less dominant force.

Ten years later Americans found themselves citing the Global War of Terrorism and thought using the same technology would be effective. Our high-tech military against the low-tech enemy failed and again Americans had to rely on Soldiers on the ground and counterinsurgency. Technology and globalization, I believe, is contributing to the inability for the average American to serve in our military today due to their physical inabilities. To compensate these shortages the government begins to contract private contractors to fulfill the American military obligation for defending our country.

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Without our technology and he best equipment money can buy, American soldiers would die by the thousands to the hands of insurgency who are born to fight and will continue a legacy of war. 2. Explain how you used the Lee chapter you read in your core assessment case paper. I study am using chapter 9 for the core assessment and case study. The thesis is to describe how war is affecting our military in the aspects of training, beliefs, values, and norms as we have evolved in technology and the way we fight today.

I will use my past experience and knowledge I have gained while serving in the military for 22 ears and operating in conflicts dating back to Desert Shield/Desert Storm and from the ranks of Private to First Sergeant to attempt in relating to how military culture has changed. Soldiers have evolved in killing since the Civil War through marksmanship training to improve psychological warfare today. Militarism will continue to affect American military culture and our sociology. Our society is accustom to technology and will attempt to sacrifice trillions of dollars worth of equipment in order to protect the human factor of war.

Out of a nation of 300 million Americans, not enough volunteers could be found to significantly expand the size if the army. At the same time, the nation continued to spend billions on weapon systems it does not need. This is militarism. (Lewis, 2011) Lee, W. (2011). Warfare and culture in world history. New York and London: New York University Press. Lewis, A. (2011). Warfare and culture in world history. The American Culture of War in the Age of Artificial Limited War. New York and London: New York University Press. War and culture By admittance

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