View from castle rock

View from castle rock

The View from Castle Rock Text Response Questions. The View from Castle Rock. 1. Write a brief summary of the story. Andresen’s father took him through the castle on top of the rocks and told him the land over there is America. “One day you will see it closer and for yourself”- Old James, Andrews Father. As Andrew got older and had more understanding of things like maps, America the island his father showed him was really Fife. Andrews family catches a boat from the Harbor of Elite to America on June 4th 1818. “Too many people. .. He ship will sink. ” Walter bought himself a book to write in abut his Journey o America, we also discover that Walter is motherless. After 10 days on the boat the loose sight of Scotland. They imagine what their lives will be like in Quebec, and how their health is still Just as good as when they left Scotland. 2. How does Old James see America? Old James see America as a place where “… There is every man is sitting in the midst of his own properties” 3. Explain how we know that the family led insular unimaginative lives in Scotland?

The family lives insular unimaginative lives as Andrew talks about how his father lied about seeing America when he was young when it was really Fife. . How helpful is Walter’s Journal to the story? Why do you think Munroe spends so much time recreating the ships crossing and its events? Walters Journal explains everything that the family uncounted on the ship Journey and then some description of what it was like when they landed in America and what happened to everybody. His Journal also talks about how they have a very prosperous voyage.

I think Munroe spent so much time recreating this Journal because it showed how the family went on the Journey and the tragedies that also followed with this Journey. 5. Describe one dream/hope that a family member has when they land in Quebec. What does the character imagine their life might be like? Angles hopes to meet a man after hearing what a women said on the boat “officers you see in the street… Best-looking men.. Anywhere in the world”. She hopes to marry, “a man with enough money .. Let you ride in a Cambridge.. Send presents to your mother. ” Working for a living. 1.

Write a brief summary of the story The story is an overview of her father’s life from age 12. The story detailed different things nee 010 ruling Nils Tie Ana Nils struggle tongue Tie. Munroe T eaten was a person with ‘romantic perception’ and whilst he turned his hand to farming animal for their fur. He was never very successful in what he did and he struggled to provide for his family. 2. Why did Neuron’s father regret leaving school? I don’t believe that her father regretted leaving school. “.. Continuation School too young.. He should have stayed there, he should have made something out of himself… Aid this almost as a matter of form, not as if he cared very much. ” Page 129 3. What was his interest as a young man and how did he pursue it? He was very interested in the bushman at the back of his parent’s farm, that he spend most of his time there exploring and catching animals, following the creeks. “he began to spend more time in the bush and less and less time at school, so that his parent decided there was not much point sending him” 4. Describe Neuron’s mother and how she felt about her. Does this change over time? Discuss how subjective views change over time and are influenced by age, using examples form this story.

Munroe thought her Mother and Father got married under a cloud of anxiety. Her mother in her late ass’s who was unmarried and didn’t believe embody. She had a desire to be successful in business and a vision to take their fur trading to a new level. She was very good at making friends and mixing business and friends “where her interests lay’. In later years, Munroe felt that her mother used her illness, which was “improper in her mother. ” 5. Why does Munroe include the excerpt of her father’s writing? What does it show about her father?

Munroe included the excerpt of her fathers writing as it detailed the interaction with his grandfather when he was a little boy, which possibly the true foundation of the man he became to be. Its also describes the times they enjoyed together because he didn’t have a good relationship Home Home is Neuron’s story is about going home as an adult. She talks about the long trip and the change to her perception of the house. She sees the interaction between her father and stepmother and describes her father’s falling health. Despite the time pasted since she lived at home there was still a comfort about being there. . Why is Munroe now able to visit her old home? Munroe Is addle to vaults nee 010 none as seen responsibilities. Let nerd unsound Ana Llano’s nave same . Describe Aerial. Analyses how Munroe feels about her stepmother Aerial is a “stout and rosier women. ” “She like to make people laugh and people themselves”, she seems to care for her father and love him. She may have once been an attractive women and wishes she could have always been Neuron’s father’s wife and not his second wife. 4. How does her imagination influence how she writes about the landscape of her old home?

Munroe description about the landscape of the home is through her desire to see it. When she was living “more than a thousand miles away’ there was years twine visits. As she was unable to visit very often she was afraid she would been able to see the house very often “would walk through it rooms”, in her mind. 5. How does the situation and her emotions influence how she writes about the incidents surrounding her father’s illness. Munroe is clearly upset about her father illness but seem to write about other facts regarding his admission, doctor, Aerial, the dog rather than expression any true emotion towards her father.

Hired Girl This is about Neuron’s experience about being a maid during the summer when she was 17. And her interaction with people on the island. She did believe that she “did not have the grace or fortitude to be a servant. ” She falls into an boat of isolation unable to understand the maid life type and through this has sexual fantasies. 2. How does the author equate the forest’ to the rich people? Country people call land with lots of trees and “undergrowth” and “great vines, brambles saplings” the bush. Rich people eliminated undergrowth etc and turned the bush into a more “authentic looking forest. Poor people didn’t worry about interfering with the infusion of the “seasonal changes. ” 3. Describe one member of the Monotony family in detail. Miss Foley. Miss Foley was Miss Monotony mother. She was an elderly women who needed althorn care, Decease seen got nerd “wells crossed now Ana teen” Mrs.. Holey seem to enjoy a leisurely life, who like to spend sunny mornings on the deck chair. 4. Neuron’s imaginative landscape extends to pure fantasy in this chapter. What does she fantasies about? Analyses why much of this fantasy is sexual. She fantasies about Mr…

Hammond touching her as she swam around in the water, about the “thought of IM touching (her) me. ” She thinks about the age difference and her desire to want a 45 year old touch her. I believe that she talks about this fantasy in detail because of the loneliness on the island and unable to understand the life as a maid. 5. How does Neuron’s need for ‘intimacy from others assist her reflections of this period and these memoirs? Her need for intimacy is cry for attention and wants to understand the reasons for being treated so awfully as a maid. Due to this lack of intimacy when she leaves she almost immediately forgets Mrs… Monotony.