Truth Aout Technology

Truth Aout Technology

The Truth About Technology Technology has evolved immensely during the past few decades. It’s everywhere, and everyone uses it; technology is a necessity of life. It lights homes, makes transportation easy, makes research simple, and entertains. Although it has many benefits, technology also has negative side effects. Phones and TVs have become a major distraction from everyday things like students’ homework, adults’ work, and driving. There are hundreds of car accidents caused by texting and driving. Furthermore, technology is addicting- society has become too dependent on it.

A day ithout iPhones would probably be almost impossible for some. The next generation is being raised amongst all of this technology, and they aren’t being taught like the past generations were. Will this result in catastrophe later? Overall, technology has a very negative effect on society. Some might argue that technology has had a positive effect on society. They might point out how technology increases living conditions and improves lives by making everyday things easy. For example, people don’t have to go to the library to do research. They can instead retrieve any information they need t the touch of a screen.

Finding information has become so convenient using these technological devices that reading has become ancient. The lack of reading may result in tragedy in the future, because the next generation won’t have proper grammar skills and the ability to write. Someone might also say that technology has improved society’s communication. It’s now easy to stay in touch with family and friends who live far away with texting, email, Facebook, and other social networks. Modern communication has weakened societys language skills by the use of texting over verbal communication.

Texting has tainted the English language because people are using abbreviations for almost every word such as BRB for “be right back” or IDK for “l don’t know’. Sven Birkerts writes, “The complexity and distinctiveness of spoken and written expressions, which are deeply bound to traditions of print literacy, will gradually be replaced by a more telegraphic sort of “plainspeak. ” Birkerts is referring back to the language of texting degrading the English language. Social networks also have a negative effect on the public, because it leads to cyber bulling, addiction, and ncreased insecurities; all of which may lead to suicide.

Moreover, technology has a negative effect on society because it is a major distraction. Attention spans are decreasing dramatically, especially among children and teenagers, because of the effect technology. Modern technology is fast, and most people cannot pay attention to an hour lecture because they have adapted to the speed of modern technology. In school, students can’t focus because of the temptation of using a cell phone to text a friend or play a game. Ursula Franklin writes in her passage Silence and the Notion of the Commons about how technology as changed the modern soundscape so that sound can be recorded and replayed repeatedly.

Radios are blasting and TVs are blaring constantly. Sound is everywhere and is a major distraction. People are distracted from their Jobs or school because technology is always screaming in their ear. There are also many car accidents caused by people not paying attention to the road while they send a text. Some of these accidents lead to mental retardation, serious injury, or even death. Technology is a serious distraction that should not be taken lightly. Technology is also very ddicting and has many people under its influence. Like any addiction, this dependency isn’t healthy for society.

The simplicity and easy access to research, entertaining games, and the ability to socialize without actually talking is all included in an iPhone. People have adapted to this luxury so much that they don’t know how to function without it. It’s the world at their fingertips, and it’s difficult to go without it. Children have become especially attached to technological devices such as iPhones, ‘Pads, Xboxes, or any gaming system because they were introduced to it at a young age. For example, a child who gets his iPhone, Xbox, or any device taken away will probably scream and cry because they are so addicted to that device.

Technology has a very negative effect on society because it is so addicting. Furthermore, children are being raised in this new world of technology and although it is difficult to predict how the next generation will be effected, assumptions can be made. Because the next generation is being raised in the age of technology, children are finding entertainment in iPads, iPhones, or TV rather than their imagination or reading. Imagination leads to new ideas and methods of doing things. Imagination is progression, and without it society won’t be able to improve, and that is a very frightening thing.

Technology could also take society into a different direction. In the passage Super-Toys Last All Summer Long by Brian Aldiss, people in the future are creating robotic children because of the overpopulated world. They are also manufacturing robot people to help with everyday duties. It’s with every generation they society gets closer and closer to becoming robots themselves. Society is losing humanity, and it’s starting with the next generations interacting with all of this technology. The Technology is poisoning the minds of our young people.

Technology has a very negative effect on society. It is distracting, addicting, and has a bad influence on the next generation. Technology has helped to bring up this great nation, but it also has the ability to destroy it Just as fast. If we do not change the way we let technology effect us then our society could be turning for the worst. Technology can be a great resource and a wonderful tool, but it can also be a major flaw in our society. If we continue to allow technology to effect our society in such a negative way it could lead to disaster.