Triple Entry Journal for Points of Difficulty

Triple Entry Journal for “Points of Difficulty’ The Triple Entry Journal allows you to engage with difficult parts of a text in a meaningful way. Rather than avoid the difficulty by skimming over it, use this chart to confront the difficulty. Read a passage carefully and determine exactly what is confusing or ambiguous to you. Identifying the difficulty is the first step in resolving it. Since the difficult parts of a passage are often the most significant, understanding them leads to a deeper comprehension of the text. Instructions: In the first column, write a quotation or passage from the text that seems difficult.

It may be ambiguous or confusing, or in some way may elude your understanding. In the second column, consider WHY the passage is difficult. Explain specifically what is confusing or incomprehensible about the passage. It might be due to your lack of knowledge about the topic, or difficult vocabulary, or complex sentence structure, or ambiguous meaning of a word or phrase Then determine how to resolve the difficulty (Google the concept, look up a word or phrase, reread the difficult sentence structure), and in the third column propose a possible meaning of the passage.

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