Tremors: Narrative

I stayed paralyzed in my bed. Still in fright. My eyes wide open, despite my weariness. I was excited for tomorrow because it was my birthday and that the day would be rather hectic. Maybe I was too excited that I became a subject to the things around me. Still, there was more terror within me. What did they show? Suddenly, I fell into a restless sleep. Minutes later, I felt a sudden tremble. A ray of sunshine hit my face as I opened my eyes. The shaking ended once I opened my eyes and I fell asleep once more. Again, there was a tremble and it kept on recurring. Every time the room shaded, the tremble was harder. I was scared.

I went outside my room and went to the kitchen first. Everything was fallen including the stove and the fridge. I ran into my parent’s room crying. I could not see them in their space. I was more than thrilled. My heart stopped for a second. I directly went into my siblings room. My siblings were not there, except my 6 months old sister. I screamed and shouted like a mad cow. My lungs hurt. They pained, but I continued to shout. I picked up my sister and ran out in the streets. I was wearing my ugly nightdress. I ran in the streets. Everything seemed destroyed. All houses broken with cement pieces toppling the floor.

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The trains crashed on twisted railroads. It was like World War Ill to me, or perhaps the end of the world. I had never seen such devastation. I continued to holler, but it made no sense to me because everyone had disappeared. It was only my baby sister and l, looking for survival. I ran and tripped on a large piece of cement from the broken houses. I scraped my knee and elbow, which seemed to be bleeding. I let go off Sandra, my only support and saw her role down the hill. A part of me nearly died and I ran like a Greek Olympian. The hill was too steep and I missed her by a second before she fell inside the sea.

The ground began to move again and I saw her go down deeper inside the water. I was in deep sorrow losing a sister I long wished for. I cried, but no one came. I cried and cried. There was no rescue. Unexpectedly, I heard a noise of a balloon popping. “Surprise” everyone shouted, as it was my birthday. Dad hugged me and Mom started kissing my head. For a moment, I thought I had already died and that my spirit was celebrating its day of birth. I could hear Sandra crying from the other room and the relief I got hearing her voice made my shoulders plunge. It was hard to believe that whatever I dreamt was a delusion.

The real y In Tanat cream mace us all seem Like ingots It Ana a nudge Impact on me Tanat I was not able to communicate properly and had a horrified face throughout the day. I kept myself near Sandra as much as possible, knowing her importance in the family, especially to me. I never shared my dream with anybody, but this was the time to write my thoughts down so that my stomach feels lighter. From this, I realized the importance a good family, people, enemies or even a life. Disrespecting people or family may be very difficult for you in the future when you need them. I have learnt, that having a family is the biggest blessing in the world.

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