This Charming Man

This Charming Man

This Charming Man May 22nd, 1959. Steven Patrick Morrissey was given to us by the lord himself. Placed into Manchester, England. A man who could express the disdain feelings of a sass’s world youth through his lyrics, and his gravity defying duckbill hair. Mostly being known as the frontal of the Smiths; he truly defined Indies/new wave music permanently, As it still affects the interests of others to this day. Morrissey began expressing his feelings through writing, and by 1982 he had founded the Smiths with Johnny Marry.

His iconic lyrics, and Johnny’s unmistakable laying, landed their first single “Hand in Glove” to hit #1 on the I-J charts by 1983. They continued to release singles every few months through 1987. To give you an idea of the morbid genius lyrics this man came up with, here’s a few excerpts. “Oh sweetness, sweetness I was only Joking when I said by rights you should be bludgeoned in your bed” Taken from “Bigmouth Strikes Again” (1986, #26). Or “l called to wish you an unhappy birthday because you’re evil and you lie and if you should die I may feel slightly sad, but I won’t cry. From “Unhappy Birthday” (1987). No one else wrote like he did, and in my opinion, none ever could. I also find the way he carries himself to help show why he is the greatest entertainer. He had a knack for pissing people off. He would often make remarks such as “reggae is vile”. Morrissey was never afraid to push his opinions over his work. He was a very sthrong vegan and chose to release an album by the title “Meat is Murder” (1985). Unfortunately, this outgoing personality causes him to be a little bit annoying. He tends to constantly cancel his shows for minute whiny personal reasons.

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On stage he often showed a heavily flamboyant androgynous personality, which is highly entertaining. Especially in his early years. He would wear polka-dot pink button ups with large flower bouquets shoved in his pants, Taking time to caress the audience and dance around. As he continues his career solo, His performance has settled to business shirts, and shaking hands. Finally, I find his work to have helped define music for his time period by far. When comparing bands during the new wave period, many names come up. Joy Division/New order, The Cure, Depth Mode, The Bib’s.

The Smiths would still always be included . To me they were better than the latter. They stood out. They managed during a Synch driven genre, to make history with some guitars and vocal performance. Because of this, I find his work to have inspired countless music since his first released song. The Cranberries, The National, and Foxtrot are all modern bands obviously inspired by Morrissey. Having said “l don’t perform, seals perform. ” Morrissey still is the lasting spacewalked for the world’s greatest entertainer. A space I don’t see being taken anytime soon. By MacDraw

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