The kaibab essay

The kaibab essay

Ivan espinoza Biology October 28, 2013 Kaibab and wolf problem The Yosemite national park has a problem with over grazing of kaibab in the park and will cause over population and starvation and what the Grand Canyon national preserve game started to release wolfs into the park but near by farmers are out raged, because these wolves are killing their live stock. The farmers want the government to allow them to protect themselves from the wolves but the wolves are endangered species this will kill of this species for ever.

With this reasons these could help this problem. one way to stop this is by forming a law on it being illegal to kill wolves. By this would prevent farmers from killing and being fined for doing so for example if a farmer where to kill one he will be fined a large price for killing the animal. Second way is by moving the wolf population away from farms and far away. By this if their still close to the kaibab but away from the farmers livestock will keep both sides happy. Third way is by adding hunters to kill of kaibab lowering the population.

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For this will make no need for wolves keeping them away from the livestock and both the over population problem and the killing of livestock will be solved. For these solutions it is possible to make both parties happy. By making a federal law against killing wolves, moving the wolves away from livestock somewhere farther but close to kaibab, and hiring hunters to kill kaibab so they don’t require wolves to do it. These are all the solutions possible that the park could use to help these to problems.

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