The different between China and America —–movie

The different between China and America —–movie

About hero: China and America both of them have hero. But there are some difference between china and America. America is famous for fictional superhero. these superhero have difference super power. (we can look at those picture ,like superman, spider- man, )Therefore, their responsibility is saving human and earth. Sometime, they even become the all hope of human. Chinese heroes are more practical than American hero. Usually, Chinese heroes are ordinaire people. They don’t have super power but they can also save something or someone in some degree. (look at this movie (Ip an) )this movie talked about yewen who has high level of kunfu.

Under his inspired, more and more people stand up to resist Japanese. Although, yewen didn’t save invaded china by himself, he aroused Chinese conscience of protecting country. So this is Chinese hero. About comedy: American comedy pours more attention into action and plot. In the movie, actors have exaggerated body language. And the plots of movie sometime are more ridiculous. The most of famous comedy movie in America is (The mask) whose actor is Jim Carey. He loves to exaggerate his body language. And his exaggerated erformance adding ridiculous plot makes movie get peak of humorous.

Chinese comedy pays more attention on language. Like Chinese famous director xiaogang Fengs representative work (if you are the one) . Chief actor QinFen don’t have exaggerated body language but his language is very incisive and sharp. All humorous from his attitude and view about life and lover. About disaster: American disaster films focus on future. Almost any disaster happens in the future. Like (the day after tomorrow) (2012) , those disaster films warn people that it is time to protect our earth or people will encounter those huge disaster in the future hen earth reach top of damage.

So American disaster film desire people to understand we ought to protect our earth right now . Chinese disaster films usually describe how the people will be after encounter disaster. And what we learned from the disaster. Like (Aftershock) ,this movie started form Tangshan earthquake, then describe the different people’s life after this earthquake. So comparing the difference between America and China, we can say that American disaster film tell us what to do in the future. Chinese disaster films tend to tell us what we have learned from this disaster.

Movie narrative rhythm American movie’s rhythm usually makes people feel fast and the story has strong logic. American movie use fast rhythm and strong logic catching audience’s attention tightly. For example (The fsat and the furious) , Just like it name, the whole story happen very fast, which can make audience follow the pace of storys development tightly. Chinese movie’s rhythm is usually slow. It wants to people care every detail. Movie lead audience to deeper emotion of movie step by step. Eventually, you will understand the deep feeling conveying from movie,when you following this slow hythm.

Special-effect American movie have best special-effect level in this world. Especially, special-effect in the computer. And they possess the most outstanding special effects company Industrial Light and Magic. This company has produced a number of wonderful film like (Avatar) (Star wars) (Iron man) (Transformers) . Special-effects plays important role in those wonderful films. Although Chinese special-effect can’t compare with American, special-effect about action is the best. There are lots of outstanding action movies in china like (Ip Man) (Heroes) (Shaolin Temple)