The Call of the Wild

The Call of the Wild

The Call of the Wild In the novel The Call of the Wild, by Jack London, a pampered dog named Buck lives a lovely life in the Santa Clara Valley. When one of the garden workers brings Buck toa train station and sells him, his whole life changes. Buck adapts to his new ways and now is tougher and more aggressive. He isn’t the same dog anymore. The “call of the wild” affects Bucks behavior and leads him to his true destiny. He has a natural call to live in the wild. When Buck goes from house pet to alpha sled dog, everything about him changes. His new life brings him closer to the wild.

Buck is a fearless and is a true leader. He accepts every challenge and gets stronger everyday. Buck wants to take control and be on top. The “wild” atmosphere turns Buck into a fighter. He won’t back away from anything and he shows that. Buck and Spitz are both the strongest sled dogs in the pack. They are both rivals and are against each other. Before Buck became a sled dog, he couldn’t stand up for himself very well and didn’t have many fghting skills. Spitz is always Jealous of Buck and wants to get rid of him. Spitz attacks Buck and starts to fight him to the point where Buck is badly wounded. At the end,

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Buck prevails and shows Spitz he is changed and is the leader. After the fight, Buck is proud of himself and realizes that he belongs with the pack. “Buck stood and looked on, the successful champion, the dominant primordial beast who had made his kill and found its good ( London 46). ” Bucks victory shows he is destined to be part of the wild. Buck is finding more signals that are making him realize that he belongs in the wild. Buck hears a call from the forest that sounds like the “call of the wild. ” When he hears this noise, he feels like it’s a familiar sound that he has heard before. It’s a part of him.

From the forest came the call ( or one note of it, for the call was many-noted), distinct and definite as never before- a long-drawn howl, like, yet unlike, any noise made by husky dog. And he knew it, in the old familiar way, as a sound heard before ( London 105). ” Buck follows the noise and finds a wolf. They end up becoming very close and continually meet up every day. Buck feels very close and calls him “wood brother”. Buck now feels like he is part of the wild and there are times when he almost forgets about going back to John Thorton, his owner. Buck goes through a lot to find his destiny.

Everything in life happens for a reason. All the events that happen through Bucks life lead him closer to his destiny. Buck comes back to his camp finding John Thorton dead. The Yeehats attack the camp and kill everyone there. Buck has so much fury that he attacks all the Yeehats. He scares them all away. Buck loves John Thorton more than anyone in the world. His death really upsets Buck and he wants to drift away from this tragedy. He finds the pack of wolves and they surround him. They all start howling and he does the same. He feels very comfortable around them and feels as though he belongs ith them in the wild. The leaders lifted the yelp of the pack and sprang away into the wood. The wolves swung in behind, yelping in chorus. And Buck ran with them, side by side with the wild brother; yelping as he ran (London 120). ” Buck feels like he is part of the pack and he fits in with the wolves. The “call of the wild” is something these wolves can all relate to and Bucks wants to feel part of their family. The “call” brings him to his destiny. Buck goes through a dramatic change in his life. The “call of the wild” is his true destiny. He belongs with his own kind and is better off this way.

Buck goes from a domesticated pet to a fearless, wild sled dog. He sees that he belongs in the wild environment. He grows and develops as he continues his Journey. At the end of it all, he finds the right path and howls the “call of the wild”. He is now free and is with his own kind. Some people find their true destiny right away, but for other’s it takes them time to realize where they belong. Buck changes for the good and finds out who he really as he travels a challenging path. Buck finds his “call” at the end of the path, which makes everything worth it at the end.

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