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super size

Super Size Me 1 . A vegan diet, is where people dont use anything od animal origin. Vegans do not use anything made from animal based products. People become vegan either because of animal rights, envirnmental factors, or becuase they want better health. Vegans do not use any product that comes from animals even clothing like Leather, wool or cosmetics. The difference between a vegan and a vegetarian, is that vegetarians eat eggs and dairy products. And use animal based products clothing, cosemtics etc.

People become vegan to lower the risk of cancer, diabetes, heart isease and hypertension, that can be caused from eating animal fats and proteins. Vegans eat whole grains, vegetables, fruits, and legumes, because they contain no cholestrol and are low in fat, especially saturated fats. They are high in fiberr and other nutrients needed. There are several plant based foods that are good sources of protein such as beans, peanuts, and soya. Vegans are also more at risk to developing vitamin 812 deficiency, because the human can not use the plant based form of the vitamin.

Vegans are for animal rights they believe that animals should live their life without human interference. They believe that to many of our resources are used to feed animals to eat them, when we could be using them for human resources. Some studies show that vegans live longer than people that eat red meat and animal fats. 2. Two barriers that people perceive as barriers to eating healthy are that they dont like healthy foods and that healthy foods are expensive. Many people use the excuse that they dont like healthy foods and that they crave for sweets and higher fat foods.

A solution to this barrier would be to get into a habit of not listening to what you know you like and give new foods a chance. Dont try and give up the foods you like in ne day, you Just have to change how often you eat it. Think more positive about healthy foods, then focusing on the negatives. A solution to the barrier that healthy food is expensive, is that you should plan a weeks worth of food so that you dont have the need to go out to eat. You can save money by buying store brand products, then buying name brand products that cost more.

You can start to learn how to cook in healthy ways. 3. Morgan interviewed Mr. Gorske, that ate big macs everyday. He looked healthy because of his weight but he says that probably 90% of his food in take comes from big macs. Mr. Gorske says that he has eaten about 265 big macs a month, which is about 8. 5 big macs a day. If ture he would be taking in 4,600 calories and 247 grams of fat daily. In one month he can take in as much as 143,100 calories and 16. 9 pounds of fat a month. That is not healthy for a 59 year old man.

Even though his cholestrol is below average, I have no doubt in my mind that he is at risk for depression, and high blood pressure. The high levels of fat and sodium in the food can cause high blood pressure or hypertension. Excessive sodium intake can have a negative impact on the renal function, and can even lead to kidney disease. In the small fries at Macdonalds they have about 200 calories, and in the super size fries has about 600 calories. The high levels of fat and sodium also contribute to heart diease by raising the blood cholesterol levels and contribute to arterial plaque bulid up.

High levels of fatty acids that are found in fast f can lead to fatty liver deposits, over time can cause liver dysfunction and disease. In the documentary Morgan had all of his vitamins were under 50% of what he needed after starting the super size me experiment. On day 30 he had gained about 18% of his body weight. He felt fatigue, depressed and felt shitty when he didnt eat macdonalds his body was getting addicted to it. He also got massice headaches. He turned he liver into fat.

It was about 5 months to lose all of the weight has gained, 20 pounds, and 8 weeks to get his cholestoral back to normal. He was on a vegan diet, but after he lost the weight he went back to eating meats. 4. Someone that eats well and is active, but over weight can be considered healthy because It depends on how your body takes in the food. People that are overweight can be healthy. If they equal out the physical activity and the calories they take in, they will be healthy. I think it depend on how your body works. Some people absorb all of the calories and store them faater then others.

Others can use up all of the calories and fat faster than others. 5. Some barriers of physical activity to teens are that they are to lazy, they dont have time, have no self motivation, and think that excerise is not enjoyable. Myself, excersise is hard to keep motivating yourself to keep on doing it on a daily routine. I dont think that excerise is enjoyable until you get into a routine, and are able to do the activity better then before. Its also hard to find time, some student work, babysit or have ther things needed to be done.

I think that students should have a gym class every year to help motivate them to do it. 6. Yes, I do think that living an active and healthy life is costly because all Junk food is lower in cost than the cost of healthier foods. Whole grain bread is almost a dollar or more than the white bread. So people with a low income will find it more affordable to buy more Junk food than the healthier foods. Doing physical activity can be at a cost, depending on what you want to do. But on the other hand you can Just go for a walk or a Jog at not cost. Michelle Nolan