Strategic Issues in Human Resource Management

Strategic Issues in Human Resource Management

Summary It was made clear in the abstract of the study that this study investigates Strategic Human Resources Management (SHRUB). SHRUB is vital in this day and age, especially in the decision making realm. Recently, a large number of Mac’s have emerged in Asia with a high concentration coming from China and India. This article explores the extent of integrated SHRUB of non-western, a third world and an emerging country – India. Compare with China, Indian Macs are more private-owned and focus on energy-related industries such as information technology (IT).

In the introduction, Moan states plainly that competitive advantages in the India IT industry are developed in a unique way. They focus on skills, technology, management knowledge and quality and scale of production (Piranha 2005; Thee and Disgusts 2011), especially from service instead of technology revolutions and manufacturing. It is in a range with low cost and average technology quality. With a strong and integrated IT development in India, Moan has chosen a top global multinational enterprise – Alpha Computers as a case study in this article.

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It mentioned the key elements in terms of SHRUB philosophy, most common immunization tool – metrics, standardized policies and practices to enhance its competitive advantage and keep its intellectual capital. For instance a remuneration and reward system with fixed and performance pay, all staffs (including low level staffs) have to be inducted into HER roles and responsibilities and in leadership development, managers concern what employees think and as they assessed on “associate delight index”.

On the other hand, a common challenge: a well balance of control and coordination between the headquarters and subsidiaries. It suggests hat a polytechnic approach with best practices in a global multinational firm. Critical Commentary The purpose of this study was meaningful and interesting in that discovering the best human resources management strategies within the top Indian IT multinational Tell – Alpha. As most AT teen Test unman resources management literatures are based in western countries.

This study helps readers know more about how one of the developing countries – India to stand at 38% in FED stock (Piranha 2005; Thee and Disgusts 2011). The secret of Alpha’s strategies lies upon its philosophy, policies ND practices to become a top global IT firm. Introduction The purpose of the study was made clear in the introduction, people who reads the article would understand the overall purpose and the method of the study. At the end of the introduction, it went through the flow of article. Therefore, readers have clear mind steps about the study.

The method in the study Moan used an appropriate method and study design to find answers for the problems of the study. Data was collected using fifteen in-depth interviews with business and HER leaders of the organization in one developed country – the USA and another developing country – China. However, while Alpha has its operation in over 44 countries and around 45,000 employees; therefore, it is not objective enough as the in-depth interviews have involved two countries with eight business and seven HER leaders only.

It did not use different ways for collecting date to get more valid and accurate data for the study, it may reduce the true results and increase the interference of chance. Global HER policies and practices This study did not have any references to support its point upon global HER policies ND practices – a key challenge for Ones & remuneration and reward system. Moreover, the sample used in this part – only one challenge and only one HER policy under remuneration and reward management is an extremely small sample size and leads to question the true accuracy of the result of the study.

Moan mentioned that Alpha tries to keep a solid and consistent organizational structure through its global network, however some oversea managers think the controlling power in India is more centric than global. The study did not explain what made the managers think in this way. Discussion The study has highlighted the critical elements of organizational capabilities in Alpha with suggesting what approach a global firm in advanced countries should use. Moreover, teen advantages Ana Lastingness AT Manila multinational Tells nave shown as well.

This is something which increases the clearance of the study. It also points out the limitation of this study – lack of data collected by low level employee but senior leader only which affect the reliability. Implications for HER manager High performance & high involvement work practice HER practices directly influences competitive advantages and organizational reference. Organizations have to adjust and customize the HER practices to provide fast and efficient service.

Let the employees feel the firm is committed to them by such as continuous training and chances to get involved with challenging work (Thee 2004). Think like COOS The study pointed out that Alpha try their best to make every employee to act like and to achieve to be the CEO of their work, it can keep people and achieve their full potential. They will be expected to run “their business”, make a person to reach the maximum motivation its always about a sense of achievement or intrinsic motivators such as if they find their enjoyable and interesting.

They will naturally want to get involved in it. In contrast, extrinsic factors such as material rewards and monetary rewards would be less interesting and motivating than intrinsic factors to employees. To be think like Coos, Alpha use the most common communication tool – Metrics with five outcome measures and six built measures which take consideration of both hard and soft sides of the Job. At Alpha, everyone wants to get a better Job as their reward. That meaner to take more responsible, to get more involved in their Job.

This can push ND empower employees who are capable doing surprising things to provide their talent completely. Global HER policies and practices Multinational enterprises are facing a lot of challenges, one of the key challenges is to keep a well degree and level of control and coordination between the headquarters and subsidiaries. To achieve an integrated and balanced relationship, it requires standardization of skills and knowledge, standardization of work processes and standardization of HER policies and practices (as explained as below). A standardized of HER policies and practices is always needed to a NC.

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