Sociology of Communities, our group (Bahasa)

Sociology of Communities, our group (Bahasa)

Hotel Transylvania a Review by Stasya Desnafira, 1206242605 This movie starts at the time where Mr. Dracula had Joyfull moments seeing stages of her daughter (Mavis) growth from baby to a teenager. Time went by, and finally the hotel that he made is finally finished. This hotel is not like any hotel that exist, ‘Hotel Transylvania’ is a hotel for monsters. Dracula, werewolf, mummy, blob, frankenstein, invinsible man, zombie, and any other monster you could name from comic books are the one who residing in the hotel.

For Mr. Dracula himself, this hotel are meant to ept Mavis away from humans and also to provide a place that is absolutely safe for monster yet free from humans. On the day of Mavis’s 118th birthday, Dracula allowed her to go to see humans in the outside world. He did warned her about how he thinks humans would react to his monter kind. Torches, garlic, human, and fire are placed on the so called Village’ by dracula. In the Village set up’ itself, dracula sucessfully able to make Mavis believes that human do hate them.

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Unexpecteadly, a human named Jonathan found out the hotel and able to get ini without him aware that he’s in a real place where monsters wander around. He tought that it’s a unique costume party. Aware of his presence, Dracula hid and disguises him as something that is similar to frankenstein, everyone except Quasimodo and his rat’s believed that Jonathan is indeed a monster. Quasimodo is someone in the same position as a head chef in normal hotel, his rat’s in other hand, act like his sous-chef.

As time goes by, Dracula did cover up fake stories about Jonathan aka ‘Johnnystein’ as a party planner for Mavis birthday. Mavis and Johnnystein then encounter many happy moments together but Dracula didn’t agreed seeing Mavis with Jonathan. Johnnystein finally eaves the hotel with a sad broken heart to the airport to get back at home. Seeing her daughter also sad and broken hearted, Dracula along with his friend, chase Jonathan to ask him to stay. Two obstacle that they manage to pass is the parade that blocked the way to the airport, and the daylight condition.

From the parade, Dracula and his friend did learn something new that, humans have changed. Humans are not afraid or hate monsters anymore. Time has changed. Dracula finally able to chase the plane which Jonathan stayed. Dracula comunicate with him using his power to cotrol and hypnotize people, which in this case; the pilot. They went back to the hotel and met Mavis, finished with a happy ending. The moral of the story really involve the role of Mr. Dracula as a father.

Moral story that I learn from this story is that forcing your children to believe what you believed is never right. All things that he did to protect his daughter and friend is mainly because he’s afraid that humans will treat the monters badly. He Just want his family and friends not to go through what he experienced. I don’t blame him, he’s Just being overly protective and expressed it the wrong way. Nobody taught him what to do or what decision to make, that’s why he ake decision based on his natural intuition and experience.

Which in this case, never trust the human and don’t even get close to them, ever. From what I saw since the beginning of this movies, I have to say that the graphic is very nice and natural. It kinda reminds me of Tim Burton’s and Neil Gaiman’s. The plot is unpredictable, overall I think this movie is a good one to watch. For me, I have to say that this movies is indeed a good one, but not as good as movies that really give the audience a big impact like: Shrek, Finding Nemo, or Toy Story, but still it’s worth to watch. Thank you.

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