STRATEGY AUDIT 1) Business Context Analysis Kalang Dispersal Link Expressway, SILK, also known as Kalang SILK Highway is an expressway built to disperse and regulate the traffic flow in KaJang, Selangor, Malaysia. The 37 km (23 m’) expressway is to allow motorists to bypass the town center of KaJang. It is also useful as the main ring road of KaJang. SILK is given the errands for 33 years from 1996 to 2029 to manage before taken back by the government. i) Vision statement SILK’s vision statements are To be an effective and cost efficient concessionaire providing premium product nd services that enhances stakeholders’ value. t) Mission Statement SILK’s mission statement is To provide road users the impression that KAJANG SILK HIGHWAY is a cost efficient, faster and better route. ??? To achieve operating excellence with focus on revenue enhancements and cost efficiency iii) SILK’s Core Values Excellence, Customers, Motivating Leadership, Teamwork, Innovation iv)SlLK Highway Industry Background and Environment Based on Seventh Malaysia Plan, 1996 to 2000, road development was guided by the eed to expand capacity and upgrade the existing road network in Malaysia.

As a result, the total road network in Malaysia, in terms of km in operation, increased by 7. 3% from 61 ,380 km in 1995 to 65,880 km in 2000. Reflecting this expansion, the road subsector accounted for approximately 59. 8% of the Government’s total infrastructure-sector expenditure during this period, with expenditure on road development amounting to RMI 2. 3 billion. The expansion of the road network in Malaysia has resulted in the gradual improvement of road development indicators.

Road density, which measures road length over a designated area, increased from 0. 19 in 1995 to 0. 20 in 2000 in Malaysia as a whole, indicating wider road coverage and greater accessibility. The road development index, which measures the level of road development, taking into consideration both the area and population size of a country, also improved marginally from 0. 74 in 1995 to 0. 75 in 2000, as did the road service level, measuring total road length per 1,000 populations, which increased from 2. 96 to 2. 98. SILK By leynamohid