Sexuality in Modern Times

Sexuality in Modern Times BY Ivory’s We as humans are sexual beings from the time we are born until the day we die. Sex is seen as intimately involved in God’s design for the universe, and as something profoundly important that involves a person’s mind and spirit as well as body. On one hand it is perfectly natural for one to engage in sexual activities with a person of the opposite sex and on the other hand it is wrong to use in a naughty and unsafe way.

From the Colonial times until the 19th century sex in America was defined as reproductive. In the beginning of the 19th century on until the 20th century sex became significant to many as a means of communication and intimacy. Sex in today’s society is being used in the wrong way to express ones sexual desires. Unsafe sex is the number cause of Studs, Aids, and pregnancies which can potentially lead to abortions and cancer. As we develop into sexually expressive individuals we manifest into our sexual beings.

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When individuals use sex other than reproduction it is viewed as being naughty or unhealthy. Sex is a perfectly natural thing and should not be seen as wrong or shameful. I believe that back in the early days sex was being misused significantly as not for a means of conception but for torture and slavery. On the other hand I do think that sex when used for conception and intimate purposes is very natural, but when it is used for other purposes other than those reasons it can be seen as naughty and potentially dangerous.

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