Scotland Independance essay

Scotland Independance essay

Scotland Independance essay BY coler777 Scotland Independence Debate Scotland has developed into a troubled country in which people have become indecisive on whether Scotland’s independence would affect the country in a positive or negative way. There has been evidence of acts to create Scotland independent since its Joining of I-JK in 1707. Now, people are arguing on whether separation would create a better country as a whole, through economics, basic rights, and political statuses.

Independence of Scotland could represent a good thing for the countrys tatus, but no one will ever know the effect it can have on the countrys economic situation. There are many individual groups fghting for and against independence, which are classified into either pro-independence, or unionists. The separation of Scotland would result in destructive long term effects on their economy, such as their large oil industry. Although, if Scotland became independent, it would give the country full control over the foundations, and mainly the protected role of human rights.

Both groups have certain disadvantages and advantages, but no matter what, here will always be a sort of cause-and-effect relationship between the two. The increasing popularity of the Union, shift of political, social, and economical viewpoints, including important perspectives on the countrys history, are huge factors for people desiring independence. For political, Scottish people have unfair voting, and the whole country has no say in the world council. Also, the people would like the right to self-govern, and be able to adopt their own legal system.

If the country did separate, Scotland would destroy most, if not all nuclear weapons located n Scotland which are causing disputes between the foreign countries and citizens. Any sort of nuclear technology would destroy the environment by causing large amounts of pollution around the country. Under economic factors, the country would have control over their own resources, imports, and exports which all include oil, therefore producing immense amounts of income. Most people who are unionists are more concerned for the functional ability of the country which include mainly social and economic factors.

If Scotland chooses to separate, then they would lose all he financial benefits that they receive from the I-JK. Not only that, but Scotland would lose all the security and defense structures they currently have in effect. I-JK plays a huge role for Scotland, they provide us with protection, and are a necessity for running what little control over the government that Scotland has. Once separated, the country would lose all global trade, and would have to start from scratch pretty much. The country already has no debt now, and it’s easily capable of supporting itself Just the way it is.

The independence of Scotland is a growing issue today, and as expressed above, both sides share the same equality in their perspectives. Most people are more lenient to certain factors that actually are very important when it comes to the success of a country. This could result in a damaged country, with too much people trying to fix one problem, when in reality there are hundreds more. Eventually many deciding factors will contribute into the final decision of Scotland Independence, but no matter which way they go, they will always lose something