Before reading this, I thought religious experiences only happened to biblical figures or really religious people such as priests and nuns. However, after reading this chapter I began to realize that they can happen to anyone. I realized I have had a religious experience recently. Deciding what colleges to apply to was a hard choice for me.

My mother wanted to pay as little as possible for my education, so she tried to force me to apply to all local schools, specifically Saint Pewter’s University cause girls from my high school usually receive a lot of scholarship money. I wanted to go away to another large city so badly to expand my horizons, and meet people from different states. My father agreed to take me on a tour of whatever schools I wanted to look at and told me not to worry about the price.

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He said he would he would deal with my mom. He was coming to Chicago for a business trip so I asked if I could tag along and look at prospective colleges. As soon as I saw the lake and the ICC I knew Loyola was the place for me. I heard a voice inside me (that I now attribute to be God) telling me to do whatever I had to so that I could be a student here. Everything about it was perfect for me and every time I looked at the lake throughout the tour, I heard the same voice getting louder and louder.

I had four days to get all of my credentials in by priority deadline and I did. God’s presence inside of me also gave me the strength to not apply to the schools my mother wanted me to apply to and allowed me to feel confident in telling her I was going to Loyola no matter what. God was on my side and guided me through all the steps in making my dream a reality. I can honestly say I would not be a student at Loyola today if God had not spoken to me when I was admiring the lake and touring the campus for the first time.

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