Relexes BY samuell 23777 Reflexes Sam Viral Effector Knee Jerk Leg Moved Motor Reinforcement of the Knee-Jerk Leg Moved more intensely Ankle-Jerk Reflex Foot Twitched Biceps Jerk Did not detect Triceps Jerk Pupillary Pupils did not change Babinski Toe flexed Uvular Gagged Reaction Time 30cm/5cm/10cm 30cm/20cm/15cm Purpose: I ne purpose 0T tnls Ian Is to snow renexes ana now tne nervous system arcs and nerve impulses work in order to test out a certain reflex. Hypothesis: The reflex testings’ will show no abnormalities in our nervous system.

If we reacted to all the trials then we will not have any abnormalities in our reflexive nervous system. Materials: Lab Partner A rubber hammer (Triangular) A Yard Stick A chart to record your reflexes 2) When the hammer hits the patella the sensory fiber leads into the central nercous system and connects to one or more interneurons. These interneurons communicate with motor neurons and then leads outward to the effectors. 3) Muscular tension dumbs out the signal responses for reflexes due to the amount of concentration and nergy concentrated onto the clenched part of the body.

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When clenching your fists during a fight or athletic contest your reflexes are not as effective because most of the energy is used to clench your fists. 4) The involuntary Jerks in the muscles after the reflex tests are similar in every trial 5) It is hard to catch the card because the reflexes and the impulses do not act quickly enough for us to catch the card within a short time span. The synapse uses chemicals to transfer impulses which slow down he reflex even more.

Results: We obtain misleading results due to the gaps in our lab on how we did not respond toa certain reflex trial. Problems: We ran into a couple of errors while doing the experiment. Two of our reflex trials had shown that we did not react to it. The problem was that we might have not done the lab correctly thus creating a gap in our chart. Conclusion: Despite the problems we came onto during our lab due to inability to do the lab correctly, the lab proved our hypothesis n having no abnormalities in our reflexes.

IVe learned how to test out persons reflexes and to check if their nervous system is working properly. I can apply this in my life if someone ever gets injured in the spine however small it is, I can test if the nervous system is still working or not. In order for this to be a better experiment my partner and I must redo the trials and make sure we have done each trial properly and correctly according to the directions and guidelines.

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