Progress Having the experience and guidance to enhance my writing skills with the support of a college professor and other students has helped me greatly. Although I still feel that I struggle with having my essays flow, I am confident that I am a better writer after taking the course Written Expression. The majority of the essays involved analyzing a piece of literature and making a point of something. Every essay involved an argument and being able to prove what I believe.

The significance of structure and creating an outline before beginning an essay as greatly stressed. I learned a specific way of creating an outline, an introduction, how to conduct an appropriate thesis statement, key points and being able to transition from broad to specific. I also worked on being able to organize an outline with a main topic, two ideas, and two examples for each idea in order to have the essay flow.

Tackling essays involving arguments has taught me how to make a substantiated statement and being able to follow it up, while using a rational in my thesis statement. I argued against child beauty pageants by discussing and proving hat they create a false image of how females should behaving and look, while creating insecurities throughout younger generations. I argued against bullying in schools by explaining the long -term effects it can have on children, and how it can be prevented.

My professor gave us the opportunity to choose a piece of literature of our choice and create an argument. I chose the short story “Hansel and Greeter” and elaborated upon how children could have separation anxiety and a fear of abandonment from hearing stories about parent’s leaving their children and being introduced to deception and witches traps. Taking a different approach aside from the general assignments based on literature, we learned what different texts are.

A text is anything that has been created by human beings, to convey meaning, which does not have to be in writing. I was able to choose an object of my choice, which is a text rather than having to write an essay based off of a piece of writing. Each student in the classroom having to come up with an object that he or she felt would suffice for a strong argument strengthened the classrooms ability to come up with valid points, without having to upend on a piece of literature for an argument.

For practice the classroom would come up with arguments together and create outlines, without taking the next step of writing an essay. I have improved greatly in my development of analyzing what I read, my writing skills, researching academic databases and conducting thesis statements. Being given the opportunity to be in more of a discussion based class allowed me to communicate with the class in regards to my writing by hearing others ideas, and incorporating them into my writing. By deemed 204