Process Paragraph

Process Paragraph

Process Paragraph BY 5baller5 Personal Profile I am 21 years old and I am enrolled in Sports and Recreation here at My name is Lambton College. I am from Brantford which is located about 2 hours away from Sarnia. I attended St. Leos which is one of the smaller elementary schools in my city but in high school I went to St. Johns which was the biggest. Our school colors were also green and white Just like Lambton. I am a very athletic person and play a lot of sports such as basketball, rugby and football.

Sports and Rec is a very good program here I hope to gain enough knowledge to become either a sports agent or scout. I would love to get into that business because I know many scouts and they travel all the time and make a lot of money which is what I love to do. I am in contact with teams and scouts overseas so it would be a dream to move there and do what I love. Through high school and college I took different courses that would help me progress forward into becoming a scout for basketball. After high school I moved away to Europe for 2 years to become a professional basketball player in Poland.

I was very successful in the league where I was awarded rookie of the year. I helped lead the team to the semi-finals but unfortunately we got knocked out in game 6. My second year I came back even stronger and my team reached the finals where we lost in game 7 which was a big heart break. I met so many amazing people and went to a few other countries including: Greece (Athens), Spain (Barcelona), Sweden (Stockholm) and Germany (Berlin). I also travelled to Hawaii for rugby in high school for a tournament where we won.

Our field was right beside a volcano and the close to the beach it was another amazing experience. I will never forget these experiences and I hope to return soon. I also play basketball for Lambton and this year a scout is coming to watch me from Spain and if I play good I would have a contract from the city of Valencia. So my dream might be coming true where I can go back and play professional again if this year goes good. Even though basketball is a very big part of my life I always keep my family number 1 .

They are the most important thing in my life and when I moved away I still would use Skype with my mother every night… yes I am a mama’s boy. They have helped me through school and my basketball career and I am very grateful for them. I hope when I get a good career I can help my parents have a good life and I can return the favour. I hope with my passion and hard work I can achieve all the things I want. My dreams are big but reachable so this school year is very important for me. That is all there really is to know about me. Thank you.