Power of serving others

Power of serving others

Intro To Christian Missions The Power of serving others In the book The Power of Serving Others, The author Gary Morsch (founder or Heart to Heart International) uses stories to convince his readers that serving others is possible no matter what your situation or resources might be. A lot of his stories consist of his life and his many opportunities to serve, along with others who served through Heart to Heart, but also some apart. The stories are moving, heart wrenching, encouraging and left a strong mark on my heart and mind. Gary also drew a lot of ideas and thoughts from different religions.

I think that approach in his book related a lot to what we’ve talked about in class, how “The Mission” can surpass any religious barrier. He also wrote in chapter three that often people want to help are not sure how to go about it, and in turn are halted without information. I believe that this book paints a beautifully clear picture to its readers how to properly, and effectively serve others. The stories are powerful, and pull on our heart-strings. The more I read, the more I learned how to better “see the world from God’s point of view,” as Rabbi Harold Kushner said in chapter six. ow that everybody has something to contribute and that our ability to transform our lives by transforming the lives of others is within our reach. Offering step-by-step advice, they address the common mental blocks that keep many of us from discovering the Joy and power of serving others, and they will teach you how to establish meaning through daily service. Drawing on their own experiences in places like Calcutta, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Tanzania, and right here in the United States, and featuring moving personal stories from people ranging from a former Black Panther Party member to Mother Teresa,

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Morsch and Nelson show how people from all walks of life have found a deep sense of fulfillment through simple gestures of service. Many of the problems the people in this book are helping with–reconstruction in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and the Asian tsunami, combating AIDS in Africa, healing the wounds of the Balkan civil war–seem utterly daunting. What can you possibly do in the face of such need? The Power of Serving Others shows that no matter who you are–regardless of your age, expertise, or position–you can enrich your own life and the lives of others through service. Power of serving others By Camos4

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