pest of mary kay

pest of mary kay

Biography on MARY KAY THEIRN PRODUCTS RANGE Task 1 ND PROMOTION: 2. DIRECT SUPPORT: 3. Internets: Other methods can include 1. Newspapers : 2. Pamphlets: 3. Magazines: 4. Trade organization: 5. Market intelligence report: 6. Internal company records : Personal selling: Marketing mix: Push and pull strategy: Task 1 part b: RASHES ON THE SKIN : Addressing him: DISCOUNT TO OTHER CUSTOMER : PONDS Task 2 part c: Recruitment and selection: Procedure Step 1: Identify Vacancy and Evaluate Need ?? Develop Position Description step 2. ??? Develop Recruitment Plan step 3.

Step 4: Select Search Committee ??? Post Position and Implement Recruitment Plan step 5. ??? Review Applicants and Develop Short List step 6. . Conduct Interviews step T Step 8: Select Hire . Finalize Recruitment step 9′ Importance 0T recruitment ana motivation theories Taylor theory: Maslow theory: Theory x and y Herzberg theory: Task 2 part f Data base: Uses of database task 2 part b Sales plan: selection etermine the value of the product : the uniqueness and qualities your product have for example Task 2 part d Motivation Roles of motivationFinancial rewards: 1.

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Salary 2. Wages 3. Commission 4. Profit sharing 5. Bonus Non financial rewards: 1. Fringe benefits : 2. Job redesigning 3. Job enlargement 4. Job enrichment 5. Team working 6. Annual lunch at work with employees all together 7. Rest Our history is full of theories which are said by famous business people Taylor theory Herzberg theory Vroom Roles of remuneration TrainingRoles of training Types of training On the Job training Off the Job training Induction training . ?? THE CORPORATE CONCEPT Task 2 part a Mary kay mission 10 acnleve preeminence In tne manuTacturlng pr providing personalized service, marketing of personal care Customers through our independent sales force. value and convenience to Mary Kay customer satisfaction Richard C. Bartlett, President Task 3 parta : International selling: oaucts

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