Personification Essay

Personification Essay

Personification Essay BY rnpnce7009 Old House in the Woods Outside my window theirs an old farm house sitting down in the valley surrounded by pines. The darkness mixed with the trees give the house camouflage in the evenings when the sun goes down. Their is a legend that the property the house sits on is the home of a demon, it’s been given the nickname, “Hell’s Half Acer”. The house has been for sale ever since we moved here ten years ago. Sleeping there is like sleeping in the devil’s backyard , which doesn’t sound fun at all.

Inside their’s three rooms, the living room, the master bedroom, and the bathroom. When you walk into the living room the musty smell of mold and rotten meat almost knock you down. The cob webs in the corners of the ceiling are as thick as a freshly wove blanket. Theirs no couch, no television, and no coffee tables, Just an old wooden rocking chair that creeks with the floor each step you take. The walls have holes scattered throughout that make you feel like its watching you.

The first thought that room gave me was to get the heck out of there. In the master bedroom their is one king size bed that looks like its been chewed up by a dog and a dresser that has to be from the 1800’s. The light flickers like a street ight on the verge of burning out. The walls that keep out the weather howl when big storms come through. You’d have to be crazy to go there in the middle of one. There are two windows that have thick layers of dust on them like they havent been opened in years.

On the floor below the one on the left is a liter box that reeks of old cat poop. To the right of the bed is a door with no handle that floats back and forth as if an invisible man is opening and closing it. This door leads to the bathroom that has a sink, toilet, and shower. The shower is filled with rat pellets sitting like grains of rice on its floor. Above the sink there’s a mirror that has a lightning bolt looking crack slicing right down the middle. It smells like a sewer but has no trace of waste in the toilet.

The wood two by fours lining the walls have Just enough space in-between them to see every move you make. This house is not a house you see and want to fix up, its one you want to burn. It’s location is remote and makes you feel uncomfortable before you even take a step inside. Hopefully one day someone will knock it down and start over but until then it’ll be standing strong and I’ll be steering clear. There will always be places like that but they’ll never be inviting.