Performance Reflection

Performance Paper Today, I got the pleasure to be able to watch another Dance: Analyzing Style and Form class perform their final modern dance projects. I chose the first three groups to analyze and critique. Each group had their own unique style and form and each represented the liberal style of modern dance, as a whole. Every group had something completely different to bring to the table, and every group had their own share of strengths and weaknesses.

Nevertheless, I was very entertained by the reformers and their dances. The first group did a performance to a recognizable instrumental from the popular movie The Lion King. The song was entitled “The Circle of Life”. The performers started off in a circle-shaped lineup where they performed a ripple motion of dance with their legs. This, I interpreted, was a representation of the “circle of life,” Just as the name of the song suggests. Later, they each moved into varying lineups and performed different movements to represent different animals.

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There were leaps and shapes made, and not every performer did the same choreography at once. I liked their use of variety in that aspect. I also liked how they made good use of the stage and did not limit themselves to one formation or section of the stage. There were a few things that I did not like, however. While they were performing, there was a little bit of verbal communication and laughter between the performers that distracted away from the actual performance.

Also, there were sections of the performance that were weaker/stronger than others. This made me think that a little more rehearsal would have made the routine cleaner. Lastly, I felt that the performers lacked adequate emotion. This, I feel, would have brought more substance to the already enjoyable choreography. The second piece was completely different from the first, but equally entertaining. This seemed to be a more synchronized piece as far as movement goes. There was also a more serious

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