Online Quiz System Case

Quiz takers will use their surname and password to login and take the quiz. The questions must at least be 20 items with topics on PH and Myself. Upon login, they can take the quiz and see their score after. Display of score includes the raw score and its equivalent percentage. Using the database, quiz takers can register, view, search, and edit their data. A report on the summary of quiz takers and their scores must be displayed. (For adman access only. See access levels below. ) 2. The proponents must present their systems in a group of a maximum of 5 members.. 3.

Other features: provides user-friendly interface create your own home page alteration on all fields is required, meaning users can not have erroneous inputs Ease of use. System must be very easy to use. The user interface is clean and natural even to beginners. Other additional features or display may or may not be included like: display of correct answers, total wrong and right answers, etc. Administrator can add questions to the quiz. 4. Access levels: Administrator – all access to features like, viewing of the report of all quiz takers and their scores, add/register/edit/search users, and all other pertinent roles or rights.

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