on dumpster diving

on dumpster diving

Section 1: Ridiculousness MTV Every Thursday 11 PM Ridiculousness re-run Martin Fantasy Factory, Cops Reloaded, American Dad Comedy Rob Drydek, Sterling Brim PG-13, TV-14 In the episode of Ridiculousness that I watched, they had a Santa Clause as a guest. The overall theme was about Christmas and the things people do around this time of the year. The first part of the show they showed various videos of kids opening presents and showing their reaction to what they got. Many of the kids Just started screaming and others cried.

The second part of the show was about the snow outside nd what people do with it, for example many people made snowmen. Also during this video they showed many car crashes because of the heavy snowfall or ice. Section 2: Commercials- Verizon – sell phone company Nike – all-purpose sporting brand Teen Mom – a television show about teenagers that are moms Product Placement- DC shoes Alien Workshop Nike OFWG (Odd Future wolf Gang) Customer Profile (Target Market)- Positioning Strategy- I think that this show stands out from other comedy shows, because on each show that they have they always have a different guest.

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While that guest is there, they always show funny videos that have to deal with them. For example when Santa Clause was their guest, they showed videos about Christmas. Non-Matching Products- I feel that Verizon does not match the shows target market because the show does not relate to it in any way, it would make more sense to have a DC Shoes commercial. Missing Products- I feel that if they would have advertised Alien Workshop or DC Shoes, then it would benefit the TV show itself, because the Ridiculousness host Rob Drydek, owns Alien Workshop and part of DC Shoes.

Section 3: I do think that the show that I had chosen will last for three reasons. First, for every episode they have a different guest. Second, they always have different categories according to the guest that is there. Last, they search two random words on Bing and have the guest guess what it is. This is always entertaining to see what the video is. There are a few other shows that are similar that exist, including Pranked. In order for Ridiculousness to co -exist with this show they need to continue to have guests and have funny videos that others may not have. K

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