Who would have expected that the first to climb one of the greatest mountains, Mount Everest, would be Sir Edmund Hillary, a knight and Tenzing Norgay, a Sherpa. They put apart their differences to partner up to pursue such a goal, while all the other members of the expedition turned back, but these two carried on together to fulfill their dreams of being the first ever to reach the summit. Although, they were together for this expedition, they actually share some different and similar aspects on the Journey.

View From the Summit” and “The Dream Come True”, are Hillary and Norgay’s perspectives to this dangerous Journey. One perspective may be arrogant, while the other is more of a humble side. No one truly knows what occurred those days during Norgay and Hillary’s adventure, besides themselves and Mount Everest. Sir Edmund Hillary was a respected, white man. In addition for him to accomplish being the first climber of Mount Everest. Hillary then took a picture of Norgay as they reached the top, and didn’t capture a picture of himself, but his partner.

Although Hillary wasnt as acclimated to the environment and weather like Norgay, he still anaged to conquer Mount Everest having to adapt quickly to it, along with the eleven different peaks greater than twenty thousand feet in the Tibet and Nepal’s Himalayas. Furthermore with pursuing his dream came the fame from his book View From the Summit”, that shared a move vivid view of the Journey with words that made it seem like you were there too.

Such as describing the mountain was a forty feet high gap But little did people know the other side. Norgay accompanied Hillary on this voyage, but why did people look down at him? Was it because the way Hillary introduced Norgay as a weakling or a “fish out of ater”? Both Hillary and Norgay’s stories varies by how Hillary described Norgay had a difficult time climbing up the last peak and had to literally drag Norgay up and was panting to breathe.

Norgay being highly offended, argued that no one had pulled or hauled him up the gap. Which was more likely, considering the fact the fact that Norgay was acclimated to the weather, since he is a sherpa and used started guiding climbers ever since he was fourteen. Also Norgay didn’t care much about who made it to first to the climb, but believed they both equally made it to the top. Moreover, it was highly unlikely these two climbers would fght for the death to get the title of being Mount Everest’s first climber.

He also argued that the mountain was way less of a forty feet high gap, but little more than fifteen feet. As these two stories are put together, not all the things differ from each other. Hillary and Norgay both admitted that Hillary was the first to climb Mount Everest. Also they both had similar feelings as they both finally reached the top of Mount Everest and were both of awe of the view and respected it. In addition, Norgay and Hillary, both had a lot of help from their friends and probably wouldn’t accomplish it without them.

Also they had different and contradicting views of the climbs summit. Despite Hillary and Norgay’s differences, they were still the firsts to accomplish this extraordinary goal and witness the view from the summit. With Hillary being a much respected white sir, and Norgay being a colored climber in the times of when racism was still occurring, probably elevated to disputes on who said the actual truth motivational ambitions and achievements.