Mrs. Newell English 201 December 4th, 2013 Brutes After reading the book “Night” by Eliezer Wiesel, One of the most tragic themes in the book is Wiesel’s discovery of the way that atrocities and cruel treatment can make good people into brutes. Despite the difficult circumstances, Wiesel is able to endure the atrocities and remain true to his character and consistent with his morals. When Wiesel first gets to the camps he discovers the actions taken by some to ensure their own survival sickens and it disgusts him, and at times, he even criticizes his own behavior and thoughts.

Wiesel discovers the atrocities to include hangings, eatings, cremations and no one seems to care. After spending weeks at camp he discovers everyone will eventually turn into brutes to ensure survival but instead Wiesel keeps his head up and stays true to his goal which is get him and his dad past these tough times. One of the questions that get asked from this prompt is that if Wiesel himself escaped this fate of turning into a brute and the answer is yes.

Wiesel does escape this fate because he needs to take care of weak father. Struggling to survive day to day, not knowing what will happen next, every person is forced to make decisions hat test one’s character, and one of the decisions makes Wiesel is to always stay in a good moral character like his father. At the end of the book Araujo 2 Wiesel’s father dies which then causes him to cry which means he did not turn into an emotionless brute like everyone else.

During the Holocaust, survival meant sacrifice. The decisions that the prisoners were forced to make can seem condemnable, but not making these arduous choices almost guaranteed death. Wiesel refused to give in and his strong virtues (like his father taught) miraculously protected him and aided him in his survival. However, ountless people who were unwilling to go against their faith and morals were not as fortunate and lost the fght.

Fortunately, Wiesel was able to remain true to himself, and it helped preserve his life as well. At the end of the book Elie reflects on himself and how he changed and how he didn’t. He reflects to himself how he never gave up on his dad and that he would always stay true to him no matter what circumstances. Elie did not change because of the horrific events instead he stayed with his father with a good moral conscience and helped each other get liberated from the camps. Night By frearal 23