Negligence kills

Negligence kills

Negligence kills Carelessness is the main reason for any accident. If a person drives rashly on road one or two may get injured or killed. When a building is constructed with out following any norms it would result in the death of few people. Where as if an event is organized lack of precautionary measures that may lead to the loss of many lives. Even after witnessing number of fire accidents in the city the concerned authorities fail to implement the existing policies for safety of the public. Fire safety compliance rate is so pathetic in the city.

The recent incidents that took place prove the uselessness of the people as well as the officials. There is an unprecedented increase in high rise building infernos at various places in our city, thanks to our civic authorities, who take no account of the rules and regulations pertaining to fire safety norms in high rise buildings and grants the permission to construct the building, also no code of conduct is followed, when it comes to fire safety rules for already constructed buildings and adjacent areas where a risk major fire breakout is looming large.

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Take for instance of the ghastly fire, which broke out and engulfed an entire ulterior building and the surrounding area in our very own city this incident took place in Applauded where eight adjacent apartments were engulfed in the blaze and thick suffocating smoke covered the entire area making lives of the people miserable. The prima facie evidence reveals that the fire safety protocol was not followed at this ill-fated building as a result, the residents were totally perplexed and were unable to tame the inferno which clammed huge causalities. How ever, some people did manage to flee away to nearby safe locations.

In another fire incident in he city, 30 to 40 huts were completely gutted in Regenerator. The fire was caused by a burning garbage heap near one of the tents. Locals, however, put out the fire using water from nearby apartments before fore tenders arrived. The station fire officer of Chandler Barrier, Mr….. Astrakhan Reedy said that the huts belonged to daily wagers who worked at a construction site nearby. All of them were away at work when the fire spread. Fortunately the people in the locality did not panic and doused the fire using water from nearby apartments. ” Mr…..

Astrakhan Reedy, said that the loss was estimated at around RSI. Lash. “Nobody was injured as the residents were out for work at the construction site,” he said. It is important to note that the state is experiencing an acute shortage of fire engines and fire stations. The director of fire services has earlier said that 48 fire tenders had been discarded and they have not been replaced. The Monika fire tragedy took the lives of eight persons. Property worth thousands of rupees was gutted when a fire broken out in the godson of a paints factory at Remarried magna in Estimated.

Simply registering a case and punishing the guilty is not the solution. It is very easy to arrest a person who is guilty for a particular accident. Is he the only person responsible to that? Unauthorized buildings in the erstwhile Villages’ abutting western side of city are prone to catastrophe. The Monika fire disaster was waiting to happen because of the large-scale unauthorized Dullness Tanat nave come up In ten erstwhile Visages’ abutting the western side of the city coinciding with the real estate boom.

Investigators probing into the fire accident at Monika suspect that electrical short-circuit could be one of the causes for the mishap. The owner, Vicar Kumar took temporary connection from an adjacent building in violation of norms to get power supply for the premises used to store material required, for shooting films and TV serials. Sparks could have first emanated from the shed and later spread to Babe Novas apartment. Strong winds had also fuelled the fire, said a senior fire official. Proposals were sent to the government requesting ex gratin to those who died in the accident.

Officials of Revenue and R&B Departments were collecting more details to assess property damage in affected flats and to check he structural stability of the building. At present, the flat-owners are staying at their relatives’ houses. The Cybercafé police said fire broke out from a shed used for storing film shooting material and spread to the Babe Novas apartment. Kumar allegedly took an illegal temporary electrical connection from the adjacent building in violation of the norms to get power supply.

Officials suspect that sparks could have started from the shed and later spread to the apartment building, resulting in the death toll. Nursing Inspector P. Marinara said cases were booked against shed- when Vicar Kumar under Sections AAA (causing death by negligence), 337 (causing hurt) & 285 (Negligent conduct with respect to fire) of EPIC and arrested Vicar Kumar, owner of the shed, which caught fire in Monika on Sunday, killing eight persons including a child. Fifty-four-year-old, Kumar, is said to have stored shooting material in the temporary structure abutting the Babe Novas Apartment in Monika.

A four- page report explaining the circumstances that led to the fire was also submitted to the government. The developer of Babe Novas had also constructed the apartment thou complying with norms. He took permission for constructing a ground plus three-stored building, but added two additional floors. The building owner had also failed to implement the necessary fire safety measures prescribed under the National Building Code (NBC). In a press release here, Chief Minister N. Koran Kumar Reedy expressed shock over the incident.

He instructed officials concerned to initiate stern action against those responsible for mishap and extended condolences to the bereaved family members. The mishap occurred outside the CHEM…. Limits, but it does not mean that there are o potential towering infernos within. While most new constructions after the common building rules came into force and after the formation of the Fire Prevention Wing (FEW) within the municipal corporation have been adhering to the mandatory fire safety stipulations, the order building lag in this aspect, putting many lives in danger, officials admit.

For example, there are 1 ,865-odd pent houses, illegal as per the law, but no action is taken. A majority of the penthouse owners applied for regulations under the Building Finalization Scheme (BSP) and there was a serious debate whether to come UT with an ‘innovative’ set of rules taking the “current conditions” into account. But it got scamper down as there were doubts whether it would pass legal scrutiny and the stipulations of the Airports Authority of India (AI).

The same napped Witt some residential apartments AT more than B meters kneeling AT various measures mooted to make them fire proof have not taken concrete shape due to various kinds of apprehensions. The threat of sealing and even forcible closure of a couple of them did force a few flats owners to install fire hydrants, extinguishers and hose pipes if not the entire rappelling. The Fop’s periodic surveys, notices, and demonstrations in schools and hospitals in the last couple of years have moved things a bit in making some public buildings fit for firefighting.

Of the 489 hospitals issued notices to follow fire safety norms after the Park Hospital mishap, 350 had complied. The compliance rate in schools and commercial complexes, including malls, is pretty poor. Only 1 5 of the 450 commercial complexes had installed fore fighting measures and among schools, of the 2,514 about 129 had complied, officials revealed. Very recently two powerful explosions ripped through crowded areas at Dilapidating in the eastern part of the city, killing 17 persons and injuring more than 83.

The first blast occurred on the city busiest road that links it with Piscataway; as terrified people were scampering to safety, the second blast went off. Authorities say the explosions were caused by improvised explosive devices that could have been kept on bicycles or packed inside frames of bicycles. The twin blasts brought back painful memories of the August 25, 2007 ‘DE attacks in Lambing Park, in rent of the State secretariat, and at Ghoul Chat in Kith that killed 44 people. Incidentally, one of these blasts took place near a crowded foot over-bridge, where security forces defused an ‘DE five years ago.

The device was to go off along with the blasts in Lambing Park and Ghoul Chat. Eyewitnesses at And Tiffin Centre, near the spot where the first blast took place, said someone began shouting about a bomb going off. Even as confused people watched, the ‘DE detonated. The eternal question which is always asked after such disastrous mishaps is who is responsible for the death of innocent persons? What did those innocent persons do to deserve this? The answer to this obvious question lies with our concerned authorities, who turn a blind eye to the public safety norms.

Equally responsible are those persons who are negligent and don’t follow the safety guidelines at their house premise or surroundings, putting their lives at high risk. There are various norms regarding fire safety, which addresses to prevent fire due to inflammable materials and also spreading of fire to nearby buildings. The builder should use standard electrical tinting to prevent electrical fire originating from short-circuits. They should also try to use flame proof wooden products and plywood where ever possible to bring down the risk of fire.

Adequate water storage and basic fire fighting equipments should be provided at every high rise buildings. A team of residents from each building must be trained by local fire fighting squad so that they can come into action when ever there is a fire emergency. Adequate amount of space should be maintained between two buildings so that the fire can not spread rapidly to other buildings and facilitate he maneuver of the fire engines and fire fighting equipments in case of a fire accident.

All the fire safety norms are well legislated and stringent laws are made but the problem is that, none of the rules are abided properly by the builder and they in turn get away with a certificate of completion given to them by civic bodies by bribing them. Builders should understand that they are in turn playing with lives of innocent residents. I née residents also snouts Tallow applicable and keep fire breakouts at bay. Ten Mullen Tire estate rules wanly are

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