My passion; Kpop

My passion; Kpop

My passion; Kpop BY Hannah_365 My passion – Korean Pop I’m very passionate about music… but not Just any type of music. KPOP. What is Kpop? K-pop, an abbreviation of Korean pop, is a musical genre originating in South Korea that is characterized by a wide variety of audiovisual elements. Now that the boring bit’s over… How I did I become a Kpop fan? Long story made short, I gained a interest in manga and anime when I first came to this school. After a short period of being obsessed over it, which I dont regret, I got in to Kpop.

I was watching this lovely anime called “Blue Exorcist” when the credits ame on. The song that was playing during the credits was in fact Jpop, but the group that made it was a Kpop group. I loved the song, learnt the dance, learnt the lyrics and soon enough that very song led me to where I am today. So the song that was playing during the credits was by a boy group called 2PM. The song was in Japanese and called Ready for the take off. I know, awkward name, but I honestly dont care. In the beginning I was only thinking about 2PM, writing about 2PM, reading about 2PM.

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My whole life revolved around them. I hadn’t really reached he stage where I listened to music from other groups. That changed though when I was introduced to Super Junior. Super Junior are a 9 member, I think… l’m not sure, boy group. They debuted in two thousand and… five with their song “Miracle”. Their popularity soared in 2009 though when they released their hit song “Sorry Sorry”. I owe Super Junior a lot. They broadened my horizons. That sounds awkward. I listen to a lot of artists nowadays, but my favourties would be EXO, TVXQ and SHINee.

TVXQ debuted as a five member group and unfortunately broke up in 2010; pliting in to a duo and trio. EXO is a twelve member group whom debuted in 2011 with their song History. SHINee is a five member group who debuted in 2008 with their song Replay. And yes, I can tell the difference between each member and remember all their names. I’m glad I became a Kpop fan. I have absolutely no regrets. Kpop’s, in a way, boost my confidence and gave me a different point of view of everything. Take a tip from me though, ENGLISH SUBTITLES ARE YOUR BESTFRIEND, 0K?

I understand a little Korean, but not enough to be able to understand what they’re aying on TV Shows and such. This part of the “Kpop spectrum” is hard to deal with. I shed tears when someone hasn’t subbed a show my idols have been on. I want to say this very quickly though. I think you all know about the recent EMAS that were held in Holland? Well I cried while watching it because EXO were nominated for the “Best Worldwide Act”. I was like a proud mother then. My boys??” To summarise it all, Kpop is my passion and I’m proud to say I’m a Kpop fan. Please don’t Judge me… WAIT, JUDGE ME BECAUSE HATERS GOW HATE.

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