My moment

My moment

An embarrassing moment can stumble among anyone at any given occasion. No matter whom we say we are we all have experienced an embarrassing moment during our lifetime, such as falling down in front of a large group of people, humiliating oneself in front of one’s crush, or simply peeing in one’s pants. There is no denying everyone has crossed paths with an embarrassing moment, but during these moments that occur we will either be accepting, ashamed, or see it as a Joke in the end. We do not intend for embarrassing moments to happen in our lives, they just come into existence.

So why do we have to be shy or hide underneath the covers from what has come about because, when one looks back, it’ll be Just a funny remembrance with family and friends, or these experiences can aid us to learn how to overcome these obstacles and apply to one’s daily life. I took my embarrassing moment and applied it to good use to help me out in my life. Because of that one unforgettable experience, I had encountered during my life, will forever be an experience that changed my life as a sibling, son, classmate, teammate, boyfriend, worker, and a student. a] All my years working as a busboy at my aunt’s Mexican estaurant, I’d never thought in a million years that an acquaintance like this would ever have happened to me. The whole day of my incident is so vivid and clearly visualized in my head it feels such as if I’m reliving it over and over again. It was a brilliant Saturday morning on July 28th, 2012. I had barely woken pleasantly and marvelously from detecting an exquisite, heavenly aroma coming from the kitchen.

I knew that the meal being perfectly prepared in the kitchen was a meal fit for a king that I would soon devour. After eating that splendid breakfast, I went to my irlfriend’s house, cherishing every single moment with her that day before we both had to go our separate ways[b]. When I arrived at work, I was walking in loved struck feeling such as I was on top of the world and nothing to bring me down. While going through my daily routines at work, I spot a couple getting seated, and it’s my duty to bring our customers salsa and a small basket of chips.

As I went to the kitchen to prepare such elegant chips and salsa, I had no idea what laid ahead of me moments before I attended them. Stepping out from the kitchen to bring my first customers of he day chips and salsa, I had not known that one of the customers had spilled their beverage all over the floor next to the table the couple was sitting at[c]. As I arrived closer and closer to the table, I got a better glimpse of the customers sitting down recognizing them to be the parents of my girlfriend.

With that recognition, I was starting to feel a hint of nervousness every step of the way. Then the unthinkable happens, a few meters away from my destination, out of nowhere, I hear the table that had spilt the drink all over the floor try to warn me about the wet floor to walk across. Sadly, they were a second too late… Bang! I slipped and fell straight to the floor; the chips and salsa rocket into the air landing all over my girlfriend’s parents and me. Salsa splattered everywhere all over their shirts, faces, and hair.

I wanted to die because of embarrassment at that moment of my life. Everyone, during that time at the restaurant, turned around wanting to see what happened. Scared for to death they were neatly dressed[d]. I got up quickly from the floor, almost slipping and falling once again in front of them, but that time I caught myself from falling. Attending to their aid cleaning up all the mess I made[e]. Telling them how truly sorry I really was, and that their whole meal was going be entirely free because I was going to pay for it.

Begging them not to be mad at me; it was all an accident; I’ll never do anything like that to them on purpose. As I kept going on and on with my pride of worries, I heard laughter coming from about. Seeing that it was them saying how it was all going to be okay. I didn’t need to worry about it; that the whole situation was never meant to be on purpose; that experiences like these happen for a reason, and also saying how I was lucky that it happened to them and not to a person that has nger problems. We kept discussing it while they were getting cleaned up then our talking turned into laughter.

I still ended up paying for their meal because of how bad I felt what happened, but one reaction from them will always stick out with me during that experience was how cool, calm, and collected they were during the whole moment. As time went by I kept wondering if they were cool, calm, and collected. I should have been the same way towards them instead of being all panicky. To not think about it too much because what happened happen there’s no going back into he past to change it. To not quit what I was doing to kept persevering in what I did.

Sure there will be mess ups and embarrassing moments, but you can’t put your head down so no one can see who did that mistake. No one is perfect, we all have to accept the fact that these moments happen. So for me instead of being ashamed I accept it. Those brave enough to tell their stories are the ones that accept and make better use of that embarrassing moment in their daily life. Instead of hiding from it and denying the experienced ever happened. It’ll Just make it harder for one to cope with another ituation such as that if it ever happens again.

They help you understand how to overcome an acquaintance and not dwell on that moment beating yourself up for what has happen. Yet, learn from experience how we can use that struggle to aid in confidence and perseverance. Till this day, I’m still with the same girl for more than two years now, her parents tend to Joke around occasionally about the incident . Theyll act all scared covering their heads when I walk by them with a drink in my hand or food, but all in all the past is the past. We can use the past to make a new future[f].