My curriculm data

My curriculm data

Gendarmes office Meeting Manager: Weeks Said Note taker Iranian AL-Mari Attendees: Iranian, Faker, Waft, and Maybe Absent: I-Meeting Discussion point: Staff Discussion and Action Point Notes Projects issues: Weeks Talk to Soma about B. E about B. E budget. Waft did a great Job last week of collecting impact assessment of WBT. Set with Iranian and Faker for B. E customization for farmers. Iranian has to contact Wall to ask about more information in implementing B. E farmers curriculum in Algeria and when can we have the farmer curriculum.

Train the consultant to train the farmers. Presentation from Waft about the impact assessment of WEBFOOT training to present it in SF meeting. Maybe has to follow up HUB manager Mohammed Henna for applying Business Women plan of May. Maybe has to start to evaluate the project through selecting beneficiary and know their current situation after being involved in project activities. Iranian Following up training in Sauna’s , Hoodoo , BIB, and Taxi. Face difficulties because of B. E partners delay the invoices and related documents. Follow up with Waft B. E arrangement for TOT. Follow up the Monitoring and Evaluation consultant.

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Assessment for new business edge partners. New assistant for issuing certificates for partners instead of Waft. Set with Iranian to see farmers B. E new customization. Set with Weeks and Waft to see the impact of WBT training. Waft Finished the impact assessment for WBT training. Follow up B. E new trainers and make interviews with them. Follow up B. E certificates. Maybe Training B. E in Marketing for Business Women in Mukluk during 5-8 May 2013. And the same training will be in Aden, and Hoodoo will be handled next week . Having Business Women form Outside Yemen( Philippe and Mona ) but waiting the feedback from Faker. HUB plan for May

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