Life is a series of choices, and whatever you choose will affect your life. It can be a small choice like when we decide our direction and it will lead you to the destination, or it can be a bigger choice that can cause a huge event in your life. I want to tell a story about my best friend, Huh who told me that trying, practicing and learning are the keys that can open your door to success. He was Just like other people, by having a bad choice, so he made a big mistake six years ago in his life that he could never roger and it also became a good lesson for him to learn how to cope with life obstacles.

His mistake was a bad memory that always stayed somewhere deep in his mind. He still remembered every single thing like it happened yesterday. It was at the time when he came to the United States. He missed home, friends, family, and everything in his country so much. Moreover, his English was terrible at that time. He could not understand when people were talking and he could not say anything. He was lonely and bored. He felt so bad when he was with his classmates because he didn’t understand them.

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When he was watching a movie his friends, he didn’t understand the movie, so I had to look around and laughed with them when they were laughing, because he did not want anybody to know his weakness. He drank a lot of beer when he got home and tried to forget about everything. He dropped out of school and started going around the city to kill time. Therefore, I did not want to finish his life like that, and he figured out that he needed help

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