me and myself

me and myself

When I was 10 years old, I went to Malacca’s Safari with my beloved family members, which was my first visit to Malacca. I was so excited until my brother and I started to sing a song. It was really funny. Once, we reached there, the environment was so colourful with nature’s beauty nixed up with human’s colourful dresses. It was 10 am, but the morning fog still leaned on the shoulders of Mother Nature of Malacca. First, we went to Cowboys Town. The moment I entered the stadium liked brick walled place, I said WOW! It was themed exactly like Cowboys Town.

I was so touched and shocked with the climax of that reality drama. One man Just came out from the well and climbed up the water tank stand and suddenly one gun shot heard, he fell off from the height of 15 feet without any movements. I captured those actions with my eyes like recording it using motion camera. Then, we went to the Elephant’s Show. 30 big, tall, and muscular men tried to pull the chain which tied with an elephant. They tried so hard but couldn’t to do so. Within glimpse of eyes the elephant pulled these men.

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At last, we went to Night Safari. Oh God…! It’s much greater than African Safari. We all got in a truck liked van which specially made for this safari. I felt like stuck in a steel caged vehicle. At night, the eyes of lions which reflected the lights of the truck were like zombies walking in the fall of darkness. I was shocked with that. I saw a lot of animals at there. When we back to the truck station, cuckoo’s sound at the night, and mountains which surrounded by fogs which was appeared with the sunlight’s of dusk. It was so cool…!

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