Life on Algebra

Attend Samba Shame Johnson per 4 Is algebra necessary? Algebra is important to learn. But it is not necessary. Life existed before algebra was invented and could still continue without it. There are many applications of Algebra in real life situations. It is important to learn the basics, especially when it comes to money and finance. Many adults use the basics but not anything beyond, like if you were to go around and ask what is the quadratic equation not most adults would get it right. I think it is important to learn the basic but not necessary to learn anything beyond.

The basics in algebra are included in real life situations such as: When looking at time. When you’re driving, looking at the speed, or estimating the time of arrival at a destination. In chemistry, algebra can be used to calculate the quantity of a substance required in an experiment. Also, it is used to calculate the quantity of various substances formed in an experiment. During the construction of buildings algebra can be used to formulate the various measurements of the building in a proper ratio While reading the temperature in a thermometer, we can SE this simple formula for converting Celsius temperature into Fahrenheit.

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