Leon’s story

Leon’s story

Leon’s Story The sun felt hot on his skin when he was standing there waiting under the Ferris wheel for Tony. All he wanted was to forget what he had experienced in the army, so the minute he was finished he’d bought a bottle of wine, which he was now drinking. Catching sight of Tony, he got a little over excited, probably because of the wine, and yelled “Hey, Tony – over here” Leon noticed that Tony’s cheeks turned a little red, and knew that he had embarrassed him, but he didn’t care!

He was Just so happy to see his friend again. “How’s it going old friend? ” Leon grabbed Tony’s hand and pulled him into a quick hug with a smile on his face. It’s good to be home again! IVe already been asked to Join the Corn Dance, but I hope I haven’t forgotten what to do. ” Tony laughed. mfou’ll remember when you hear the music, I’m sure. ” They stood there, talking for a while, catching up. The sun was dusty and low in the west; people were rushing by, having fun in the marked. “Do you want something to eat? Tony asked Looking down at his bottle, Leon shook his head and said he was good, but that they could go buy some burgers if he was hungry. Standing in line, waiting, Leon suddenly saw a fist, and that’s the last thing he remembered before everything went black. Waking up in the hospital, Leon was confused. His face hurt, and there were doctors everywhere. Tony came over and told him what had happened. He didn’t understand this. He had as much right as anyone to be there and that state cop had Just punched him.

He needed stiches around his mouth and they gave him a shot against the pain. After dropping Tony off by his house, he drove home. The next few days were better, but after what that cop did, he felt so bitter and all he wanted was to have his payback. But all he could do for now was to take it up with the pueblo meeting. They had a long discussion which ended with Leon getting madder than efore since they told him it was his fault for drinking and he and Tony left. “Hey, you want to come with me and buy some barbed wire for my uncle? he finally asked Tony after a long time of silence. Tony gave a weak smile, and nodded. Stopping on the way for some gas, Leon was tanking, while Tony went inside Cerritos for some snacks. Suddenly Tony was walking fast towards him telling him that the big cop was inside. Leon and Tony got in his car and skidded back out on the highway. Leon had not seen the cop’s car, and thatz scared him, but Tony Just brushed it off and said it as probably hidden. Still driving on the highway, the sun was hot and the sky was empty.

The ground was all dried up across the valley, and Leon still felt a chill going up his spine after the encounter on the gas station. Looking in his rear-view mirror Leon suddenly saw the state cop’s car trailing them. The sirens were on. Swatting Tony on his shoulder to make him aware of what was happening; he started to slow down his car, and pulled over. “What the hell does he want now? ” Leon said out loud The cop made them step out of the car, using the excuse that he wanted to see his river’s license. They stood there waiting while the wind was rattling.

Leon looked up at the cop’s face, seeing that he was wearing dark shades, so you couldn’t see his eyes. He could also see that Tony was quivering besides him and knew that he was good in speaking English, Leon stepped in for him. “He doesn’t understand English so good. ” The cop looked back at Tony. “My name is Antonio Sousea. ” Tony said in a low voice. The cop suddenly laughed. He started to rant about how much he disliked Indians like them, that it was their entire fault that he got transferred here. He spat at the ground before he turned, leaving them there.

Later, that afternoon, Leon went to talk to the governor, because he felt that this treatment to him and his friend was unacceptable. He felt better afterwards since the governor had promised he’d send a letter to the Bureau of Indian Affairs. Driving on the highway, on their way to his uncle he felt so much better. His uncle had asked Tony if he wanted to stay at the sheep camp for a while, so then he and Tony could be left alone. The sun was low in the sky when Leon drove off the highway and onto the sheep-camp road. Suddenly here were another car there trying to force them off the road.

It was the state cop. Leon panicked trying to hold the car up, while listening to Tony rambling about killing and burning. He didn’t understand what he meant. Leon managed to stop the car and he got out. Tony was still in the car with a . 30-30 across his lap. Standing there, facing the cop, he still couldn’t see his eyes because of his shades. The cop started to walk towards him, raising a stick and pointing it at him. It all happened so fast. The cop lay dead on the ground and the shot had been so loud. There was blood everywhere. I turned around and screamed “Tony!

You killed him – you killed the cop! ” I couldn’t believe it. Tony had Just used the . 30-30 to kill a man, a cop no less! They put the cop in his car and set it on fire. The gas tank on the car exploded and the flames went high up in the sky. Leon looked over at his friend. “Oh my God Tony, what have you done? ” Tony kept staring at the flames, his eyes were hard. He kept reassuring Leon that it was killed and it was safe now, and started to ramble about this dream he’d had. Leon could feel the blood leaving his face when he realized what his friend was.