Jill Meagher

Good Morning everyone, I would like to start off by asking you this question. Wcould you feel safer walking down Keilor rd. with 100 security cameras or 5 to 10 security guards or police patrolling the road? It’s the security guards isn’t it? What is a security camera going to do if a drunk man comes up to you and starts to punch you in the face? Sure it might record the attackers face and maybe the police may be able to track the man down at a later date but at the end of the day it’s already happened youVe been bashed and have the bruises and scars to prove it.

A security GUARD or police officer however may be able to prevent the attack or at least Jump in and protect the victim from further damage. Someone who is that messed up in the head or delusional enough to attack an innocent person is not going to care about a security camera, and maybe they might not care about the security guards or police but at least they can do something in the moment of the attack they can take action immediately.

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A perfect example of this is the Jill Meagher case a few months ago, you take a look at Jill Meagher she had a few drinks not a idiculous amount and she did the honourable thing what we are all encouraged to do after we’ve had a few drinks which is not to drive so she walked home which was only 700m. She was minding her own business not doing anything stupid and some sicko on a MAIN ROAD pulls her aside and RAPES her.

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