Introducing myself

Introducing myself

My name is Morris and I am from South Korea. I would like to introduce myself as well as my family about experiences that our family had gone through to you guys. As time goes back to sass, South Korea was not a wealthy country at all. Since I spent most of my childhood with my mother, I would like to introduce her first. I would say she was an all mighty women. She had multiple Jobs for me; sometimes she was a philosopher, teacher, or a doctor trying to teach me math and reading.

I was kind of a weak boy when I was young often had a headache or democratic, and when she rubbed the certain part of my body it cured Just like a magic. There was a one great teaching that really reminds and motivates my life purpose. “Live for the poor” She Just kept telling me but could not understand until I reach the real meaning of that. So soon, me and my mother went to a market. There is a special form of a market in Korea that merchants do not have particular building to sell their stuff.

There are lots of types of merchants who stock the small factory in their car and sell it on street or bring foods, vegetables, and clothes that they made room their factory. I still remember the special moment that I had in the market. My mother and I usually went there to buy foods or Just for fun and at some point she gave me 5 dollars to treat myself. So I was thinking really serious about what should I buy for it. It was not a small amount of money. But I saw a poor guy who did not have legs. He used his hands when he had to move with gloves on it. I became more serious.

In my head, there were an angel and a devil who say that I should donate 5 dollars, or since I had a tired day, I need to treat myself. Suddenly, I felt a mysterious lining and tried to look at different angles that how would he feel like? How is he going to feed himself? WSDL money help him? I put my 5 dollars in the box. He bowed to me for appreciating it. He smiled and I felt the most happiness emotion I ever had in my life. Suddenly, I realized what mother always told me “Live for the poor. ” After giving him the five dollar, I went to a deep thought; I wanted to become a donation for people who ever need help.

That was a massive main lesson what I have learned from mother. It still motivates and inspires me every day. I would like to introduce about my big supporter, my father. At the time when he was a student, going to university was not a usual thing. Since my grandparent’s were farmers, they did not know the importance of education. No one would tell him about education, but my father decided to go to Korean Air Force Military Academic School and become a pilot. A few years later, he graduated from the school and had me and my brother. I was not proud of my father until I know the thing what was going on his mind.

My dad always came home late in the night, drunken. What I saw when I was a little, he Just came to my bed at night and woke me up when I started to fall onto sleep and rubbed his sharp beard on my face. That was the only time being together with my father. I thought he was enjoying drinking alcohol with his elders, out It was not. It was all Decease AT ten promotion problem Ana Nils violin Tort me. IT he came home early and not having drinking and communication time with the elders, he would be terminated from the promotion examination list and he could have lost his Job at a moment.

Later on, I figured out that he hated drinking alcohol (actually he abhors it) and always wanted to have playing time with me rather than formal communication with elders. He wanted for me to study abroad. That was why he could not stop it even though he did not like it. After all of that hardness, he was promoted to pretty high class and did not have to go to meetings for drink if he did not want to. Sometimes, I wondered why he would support my tuition even though he has to spend tons of money from what he earned monthly. If I were him, would I do that?

I am not so sure but he commented about that for Just one word “Love. “. Now, I love my father and am proud of him so much. Finally, it is the time to introduce myself. I was born in 1992. Under love of my parent’s, grew up as a healthy boy. I was living like normal Korean students until when I turned into 16. My uncle was in the U. S ahead and he recommended to my mother that it would be a nice chance to me to study. So when I turned 16, my mother sat me down on the floor and started to talk about studying abroad in the U. S. A. I was surprised and happy about it because I have always wanted to go to the U.

S. Since I was interested in business study, I wanted to learn from the high quality educators and it was becoming in reality. After my parent’s and I decided to go to the U. S, I got a call from a high school director that I am accepted. It was a really big moment of my life. My dream came true. So a few months later, I bought a ticket to the U. S. At that time, I was a timid person that I could not even say ‘hi’ to a white guy who sat on my side in the plane. I was afraid of it because I did not know how to speak English at all.

And soon, the fear of English messed up my freshman of high school year. My grade average was like D. I was frustrated about what I had for grades. Sometimes, I contemplated going back to Korea. Maybe I was thinking that if I went back to Korea, language would not be the problem. But I did not want to show y failure to my parent’s. I remembered what they did for me and at some point, my grades started going up. I was getting better as time goes by. I did not feel so afraid of English. So I think I ended up pretty nice grade when I graduated from the high school. But again, life got hard.

Since I have citizenship of South Korea, it is mandatory duty to serve for 2 years in a Republic of Korea Army. Everyone would know that it is hard to acclimatize to a new environment. But once when you get used to it, it is not a big deal to figure out what you have to do. The army life was Just like that. In the first year of the army there were lots of North Koreans actions against South Korea and also due to my unit (Unit is large group of soldiers close to 300—400) was specialized force named Armored Reconnaissance Battalion, training, every day was not easy.

For example, when I got into train, I had to defend my area for 5 days. That meant I was not allowed to sleep or talk with fellow soldiers. Just watch over the boundaries for days what I was supposed to defend the area. Since the army had no study time, I have not been studying in the army (the army provides the environment or study but it is poor), I forgot lots of English, vocabulary, and most of knowledge that I learned from school.

Even when I am talking to someone, I can’t remember what word that I used, and it Just gets stuck for a while. However, the army had bright sloes too; sun as I learned tout teamwork, patience, nullity, Ana now to respect other persons. The main thing what I learned from the army was this ‘There is no impossible. ‘ And that opened my eyes. Before I went to the army, if I faced a hard thing I tried to avoid it, but now I have changed. I want to know why that is hard and find the way I need.