Info Things

DVD’s I have worked effectively with others in this business class through many ways, I have been asked to go on multiple Jobs I. E. Printing, laminating, collecting data, changing processes and also other multiple tasks. Firstly, I am a an employee who arrives on time with a regular attendance and never leaves early and might even stay back a few minutes to finish up what work I am completing.

I have had to work with people I usually wouldn’t work with, therefore building up legislations with new work mates on which I can then work effective with due to the experience I would then have after working with them to get a Job done. I have been working with everyone in the class, asking for different pieces of work and various jobs/papers that we need to complete as a group. I also have to be punctual when working in a group in class because I have to talk to people in my group to be able to work effectively together with teamwork.

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