How does steinbeck use the character of George

How does steinbeck use the character of George

How does Steinbeck use the character of George to show the lack of hope and inevitable loneliness awaiting all migrant workers? By Morally How does Steinbeck use the character of George to show the lack of hope and inevitable loneliness awaiting all migrant workers? In the story ‘Of mice and men’ the author Steinbeck uses the character of George to show the lack of hope and inevitable loneliness awaiting all migrant workers in many different ways.

Steinbeck shows that all migrant workers move from ranch to ranch to earn money but still end up living a sorrow life because a typical migrant worker works alone, has no dream, o family and no sense of a future life, unlike George who has a partner alongside him whom is Leonie, they have a dream, they treat each other as family, and they want a future life, if he had been alone, had moved from ranch to ranch without Leonie, then he also would be as typical as any migrant worker on any ranch.

Nothing but alone. From chapter 1, Steinbeck shows the way all migrant workers would live and how they would come across to be as a typical migrant worker, their dress sense is one of many, they are always in their denim worthless, have nothing more than a ice of clothing and few possessions which are most of the time worthless. Steinbeck show that they live rough, don’t have a ‘home’ to return too and they have workloads which is the only form of identity they have.

These all refer to poverty, having such little possessions, working for almost nothing, living rough and taking on whatever the day brings, having not much of an option to live different. Loneliness comes across frequently during this story, starting from the beginning where it at first shows George and Leonie traveling to the ranch together, we see that they have each other and Leonie says in chapter 1 “An’ why? Because… Because I got you to look after me, and you got me to look after you, and that’s why. This shows that instantly they are a pair of great friends, who have the most priceless possession any migrant worker would want, Friendship. Its the only thing apart from their ambitions that make them different to the rest of the migrant workers. Although Leonie seems to be getting the most out of the friendship they have between themselves, its George which gets the biggest reward, he gets a father figure status, company and has a sense of what family is like, as he treats Leonie as one of his own.

Most importantly Leonie keeps George away from loneliness. George tries to tell Leonie as best as he can that they are not lonely as he says “guys like us, that work on ranches are the loneliest guys in the world. They got no family. They don’t belong to no place. ” This is showing that George wants Leonie to know why the migrant workers are the way they are because they are lonely and have only themselves to look after.

A character which best describes the loneliness of a migrant worker is Candy, the old migrant worker has kept his dog by his side, for so long that he considers it to be his only Eternal Ana once Nils jog was snot, nee Ana nothing, nee Isolate enamels Trot everyone and became Just like every other man on that ranch, a typical migrant worker. Therefore Leonie in the story has been compared to Candy dog, George controls Leonie, telling him what’s right and wrong, what to do and what not to do, and soon enough the similar story between candy dog and Leonie become very much the same.

George holds onto Leonie, Just like Candy did to his dog, but Leonie cannot be controlled, George tries his best to keep Leonie by his side, under control, y telling him over and over about their dream to “live off the fat of the land,” and that Leonie can tend the rabbits as soon as they start living that dream. However as hard as George tries to tell Leonie to stay away from trouble and keep himself to himself, he can’t, he dozens know what to do in situations where he has to think for himself.

Leonie dozens know his own strength. Steinbeck shows that although Leonie seems helpless and innocent looking, he is strong yet not knowing how to control his strength, for example his incident in weed where he had to flee from, because of hat he did, or squeezing the mouse to death in his pocket because again he couldn’t control his strength swell as petting the innocent puppy too hard, in which he did care for and Just as curler’s wife death, he had no intention of killing anything or anyone.

Curlers wife is dead, because of Leonie, he had obviously no intention of doing such a thing, but when he did realize that what he had done was bad, it became clear to him that again he has struck off lightning. However this time George couldn’t run anymore, he knew what he had to do, for lenses sake. George loves Annie, and has looked and cared for him in such ways, faithfully and honorably, but what he did, had to be done, he killed Leonie out of love so that he dozens die a more painful death by curler who has vowed to take revenge.

Shooting him in the back of the head, while telling him to look in the far distance and to imagine tending the rabbits and living their dream, while at the same time George knows by killing Leonie and taking away the one person who gave him responsibility, that there is no future and there is no dream, nothing left but the typical life off migrant worker. He now is nothing but alone.