Report on Ancient Egypt and the satanic civilization Also known as heru or hor or ray Patron of the sun at 3000 B. C His most common form : A falcon-headed man A falcon A lion with the head of a falcon A sphinx He is also shown as a falcon resting on the neck of the pharaoh, spreading his wings to either side of the pharaoh’s head and whispering guidance in his ear. He is regarded to as the prince of the gods and the specific patron of the living ruler. The Eye of Horus must also be mentioned. The injury inflicted by Seth on the eye of horus is alluded to in the pyramid texts where royal saliva is prescribed for its cure. rfection, known as the UdJat Eye. Used as an amulet, it became the symbol for protection and painted on the sides of rectangular coffins. H O R U S And Jesus Christ (PBUH) The similarities of the 2 : Born on December 25th Born of a virgin Birth was accompanied by a star in the east After his birth was adored by three kings Teacher at 12 Baptized/Ministry at 30 Had 12 disciples he traveled about with Performing miracles: 8a. healing the sick, 8b. walking on water Known by many names: “Lamb of God”, “The Truth”, “The Light”, “The good Shepard” After being betrayed: was crucified Dead-for 3 days Resurrected

The birth sequence is astrological The star in the east ‘Sirius’ is the brightest star in the night sky On December 24th aligns with the 3 brightest stars in Orion’s belt These 3 stars have always been called the three kings’ These 4 stars all point to the sunrise on December 25th this is why the three kings follow the star in the east in order to locate the sunlight. – the birth of the sun Oesus PBUH) THESE MYTHS WERE APPLIED TO FOOL FAITHLESS PEOPLE INTO BELIEVING JESUS WAS JUST A MYTH AS WAS HORUS AND ALL OTHER RELIGIOUS FIGURES!! But why have they based the story of the Jesus(PBUH) on horus? So dark the con of man What else about horus? fter his father Osiris was murdered by his brother set horus fought with set for the throne of Egypt the fght resulted in horus losing an eye horus then won the battle and became The One-eyed sun god Ra-horakthy became interpreted as the one god for Egyptians, and all other gods were Just different aspects of this one god. And so this god was referred to as the son of god’ the ‘light of the world’ and the ruler of all’. Has the church deceived their followers into indirectly worshiping this one-eyed sun god? Is there a world-wide conspiracy that is preparing the world to accept the one-eyed aJJal as the true messiah?

Muslims are taught that one of the greatest challenges to face will be escaping the deception of the antichrist/daJJal Blo o dl ines The last war will come down between two bloodlines. But who’s bloodlines exactly? Incest was practiced by ancient Egyptian royalty, mothers married sons, and brothers married sisters to keep the power and the money all in the family. Like their pharaonic ancestors , the british monarcy have a long history of incest inbreeding. The opposing sides will be lead by 2 different and ancient bloodlines. One side a bloodline which is currently ruling our planet.

And another unique one, that will be explained shortly. the first bloodline is made up of these royal elite families(including ancient Egyptian royal familes), and can be traced back to pharaonic lineage. Do you know what happened to the pharaohs? They were the global power and ruled the world from Egypt. But they didn’t Just disappear.. They migrated from Egypt to Europe! That bloodline then settled and established its global rule through the Holy Roman Empire. The same family spread around Europe, but when it came to marriage they kept it ‘in the family The reason why royalty can only marry royalty is to preserve this wicked bloodline.

Windsor’ is not the real name of the ruling family of great Britain. That name was recently added as a disguise to hide its true bloodline origin. Ruling from Britain for centuries, the blood line made sure it made the most out of the ‘new world’ And slowly established its global rule in Washington D. C Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction even celebrities. One family that takes genetics very seriously. This is the satanic pharaonic bloodline that has been ruling the world throughout history. One bloodline to rule them all Aleister Crowley authored the book ‘modern day satanism’ He is the father of Barbara bush.

Goerge bush’s mother. Diana was brought into the web merley to be the vehicle to give birth to William. The illuminati bloodlines are Just vehicles for other dimensional entities, To manipulate this reality. When you relate to the story of princess Diana, you don’t Just think of the incident in 97. It takes you back all the way to Babylon. The goddess Diana, was an ancient goddess. And another name for the Babylonian goddess queen semiramis-the goddess of the illuminati. Another group of people that worshipped Diana and did their rituals to her were the merovingians’ They are the key bloodline in the whole illuminati network.

Some of their kings were part of the knights Templar and practiced kabalistic rituals. Princess Diana was killed because she was in love with a man out of the bloodline. The Merovingian dynasty along with other luciferian orders built up the elite bloodlines of the illuminati. But there is one aspect they didn’t think of.. One aspect which they will not and cannot control.. ‘and he shall be the sign for(the coming of) the hour’ (Quran 43:61) the world will not perish until a man among the Arabs appears whose name matches my name’-sahih al tirmidhi He is the final imam and the caliph of this world

He will raise an army to challenge the final arrival of the antichrist/daJJal With this fight the Mahdi will prepare the world for the return of our true messiah (Jesus PBUH) And together they will be the leaders of this unique bloodline. ‘He will fill out the earth with peace and Justice as it will be full of injustice and tyranny since the time of the ancients, there have been 2 distinct politics, that have shaped the affairs of our world.. Ancient Egypt the ahlul bayt His blood unites the purest bloodline to unite the rest of us against the antichrist/ daJJal Are you prepared for his arrival?