Guns and Other Weapons in School

Guns and Other Weapons in School

Guns and Other Weapons in School If you watch the news, you might see a pattern in the violence among students around the world. Most of these attacks come from frustrated students wanting to harm teachers, students and school officials or themselves because of past difficulties like bullying or difficult home life but how can schools prevent these events from reoccurring? More cameras, yard duties, a metal detector?

In the following pages I will discuss the dysfunctions and social disorders some students can have, the many influences and opportunities that parents unintentionally give heir children, and the different kinds of steps the school, parents and society can take to promote the safety of others. There have been many shooting in many around the United States in places like Nevada, California, Baltimore, Texas, North Carolina, Atlanta and the most known place Connecticut. Many of these events have happened recently and have happened in the past two years, the shooters were between the ages of twelve and twenty years old.

The patterns associated with these shooters were that they had home life troubles, diagnosed with a social disorder and most killed themselves right fter they completed their shootings, for example, the shooting that happened in Texas, Connecticut and Nevada all resulting with the gunman shooting himself. Another pattern is that every gunman was male according to Luis A. Cordon, the writer of Popular Psychology, states that most “social disorders occur in five percent of children, most of them male. ” Also, a majority of the kids were victims of bullying and were unsatisfied with lives and felt the need to administer Justice to their bullies.

In the Connecticut case the gunman’s name was Adam Lanza age 20, he killed 26 eople at an elementary school injuring kindergarteners, faculty, his mother and himself. The officers found a total of three guns in his trunk, all owned by his mother who had bought them because she would allow Lanza to target shoot in the woods behind their house. His motive is unknown to most and many people have Jumped the gun and have accused things like video games and movies for his action, some of which could possibly be true.

Some claimed because he played the popular game Call of Duty he became more violent in life. Some also blamed the award winning ovie Django Unchained, released Just days before the shooting, for his reason of action, they felt the movie was too violent and bloody and that maybe he had gotten his motive from all the violence he witnessed. But a common reason most of the kids did what they did was because they had the opportunity to. Another recent case that happened this year was the shooting in Nevada by an unidentified 14 year old boy.

He arrived early to school and began shooting; he killed a math teacher and injured two students, who were allegedly his friends and immediately after himself. His motive, many believed was because he was bullied by students. After the first shot was fired, the teacher, Mike Landsberry, tried to talk down the student but the resulted in his death. He was a former Marine and recently Guard. It was like this kid was so harassed that he had no choice but to shoot his teacher and friends than go back to his abusive life of bullying.

Many people accused the parents for the shootings, saying it was their faults for raising such a child. In my opinion we can only blame the parents to a certain extent because they sometimes can’t control their children even with a lot of strict rules and unishment. In the Connecticut cases many did blame the mother because the guns were in her name and that she had allowed Adam to use his first gun at the age of four years old, but I don’t know how they could do that because she was also one of the victims murdered.

The mother mentioned to close friends that she didn’t have a close relationship with her son, that it was hard because of his slight autism. But Luis A. Cordon’s book Popular Psychology it couldVe been her parenting style that allowed Adam to obtain the idea that it was 0k to murder all 26 victims. According to the book er style was Permissive, also known as Too Soft, and that she didn’t have strict enough rules and didn’t mind that she didn’t retaliate when Adam lashed out.

In many of the other cases, the parents gave their children to the opportunity by having a gun or guns in their name and keeping them in their homes. Kids aren’t dumb they know how to find things their parents hide from them and in a majority of the cases, the guns belonged to their parents. The teens involved in these shootings were all socially awkward, some even had diagnosed disorders. For example, Adam Lanza was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, personality disorder and sensory deficiency. All these mean that Adam was socially isolated and could be agitated quickly.

His type meant that he didn’t show emotion through his facial expressions or tone of voice, he allowed the agitation to build inside, which can lead to a serious problem without the person knowing why they feel the way they do. Another major thing that the teens have problems with is low self-esteem, this is usually brought on by other students and sometimes the parents. Many children have been affected by bullying; they become so depressed nd angry they lash out onto the ones they love around him, sometimes it was themselves.

Teachers play a big part in the shootings. They are represented as hero’s to the public and Obama states that they “could be in any town in America. ” It Just depends on the time and place for the teachers to step up. A good example is Mike Landsberry from the Nevada shooting, his sacrifice showed many that a bad situation could bring out the best in people. Also, the teachers from the Connecticut shootings, they showed their bravery by hiding their students in closets and having them run away to the fire station.

They saved many lives by going above and beyond their Job descriptions they show Americans that we can’t cower behind locked doors, we have to take action, through action comes a better outcome for others. After these series of events American has debated night and day on the subject of trying to make schools safer without taking the innocence out of the children. Many had the audacity to suggest that the teachers be armed during school hours, so when they time comes they can fght back with the guns provided the school. But many think that we would pay for those guns with taxes and many people hate the dea of that.

In my opinion having guns, in general, is a bad idea because if we put teachers end of hating some of their students, the students that are Just untamable and uncontrollable. Another thing some people suggested was to put more cameras but many others debate that those extra cameras won’t save our children. The only thing a camera can do is witness the incident, it has no defense mechanism. Also, many suggest that we should get metal detectors, but in some locations with gang relations, they do have metal detectors for the protections of the students.

But the uestion here is should we put metal detectors in elementary schools? Some claim that it can take the innocence out of school but maybe, in the future, it might have to come down to that. I think that I’d be 0k with that because as long as my child is safe, I’ll be 0k. “Caring for our children, if we don’t get that right we won’t get anything right. ” Obama states this in his response speech to the Sandy hook shooting. In conclusion we should have the child’s safety in mind and if we need to go to extreme measures to do that, then I think we should.

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