Girl in the Green Sweater Analysis

Girl in the Green Sweater Analysis

TONE/MOOD: Song: Beethoven’s symphony no. 5 – It gives a sense of drama and secrecy. Background: Fire – It represents panic and chaos, while they are sitting in the sewers of Lvov even the sound of a pin dropping made them drop everything and hide. Secrecy/ Mystery: Krystyna was eight years old and trapped in the sewers of Poland with eleven other people after being pursued by the Nazi’s during the holocaust. She recalls the discomfort of living in the sewer, where they had to live with rats that were after their food, and lice that had invaded their heads.

A lot of people that dared to help their group had died, either from the Nazi’s wrath or drowning when the sewers overflowed. There was one part that was particularly hard to read for me. It was when a group member smothered a newborn while the mother was resting. KEY EVENTS: When her uncle Socha died. This was important because he was German, but he brought the group supplies and help them find their hiding spot. When the group member suffocated the newborn. This showed Just how far someone would go to protect themselves. SYMBOLS: Mystery the dark shadows of trees

This is how they had to fend for themselves and figure out how to survive. But their sense of innocence and not knowing a lot of the outside, is what keeps them alive. It keeps them from wanting to escape the sewers and keeps them from trying to overthrow the Nazi’s. That’s why I believe the darkness in the picture fits this symbol because the dark is mysterious. Things lurk in it, and you dont know what’s in the dark. The trees in the picture are also a perfect fit, because trees represent life, so the dark background and trees come together to form how mystery kept them ecluded, but also alive.

Secrecy an blotchy painting of someone holding their finger to their mouth the picture helps this symbol because when you tell someone a secret, you tell them not to tell or make a “shh”ing motion with your hands. They had to stay secret in the sewers, or they would be discovered and die. The only other way to know what’s going on in the outside wourld is to get information from their uncle Socha, but when he dies they have to stay in the dark. The next time Krystyna walks in the sunshine is one and a half years later.

Tragedy ombstones covered in i’vy the image portrays tragedy by showing that people pass away. In this book Krystyna has to encounter death a lot before they finally escape the nightmare. It went from her newborn baby sister, to her uncle, to very close family friends. Most happening right before her very eyes. POWERFUL QUOTES THAT SUPPORT THE THEME: “Then Paulina drifted off for a moment. Weinbergova put the rag over the infants mouth, and suffocated him. ” Image: A newborn sleeping peacefully on a black background. “… I could not cry, because my tears would give us away… girl crying, hidden beneath a pile of leaves. All of these quotes show Just how much they had to go through, but how they still are glad they didn’t die. THEME: No matter what you had to endure to be alive, it’s still worth it. She didn’t want to go through what she did, but she kept on living with hope, and never once thought of suicide, or wished that death overtook her early. She talks about her baggage and how they can’t be erased, but how the good things in life can overtake the evil, and it makes life worth living.