Genetically Modified Organisms

Genetically Modified Organisms

What are GMOS? GMO is the abbreviation for (Genetically modified organism) also known as GEO (genetically engineered organism), which is an organism whose genetic DNA has been altered using genetic engineering techniques. Techniques used are know to be recombinant DNA technology which uses the DNA molecules from different sources, which are combined to generate a new set of genes.

The DNA created is then transferred into an organism, which gives it new modified genes. In other words, the genomes of various organisms which can apply to plants, animals or microorganisms an be purposely transferred into multiple organisms using recombinant DNA technology. In modern society, Genetically modified foods is a phrase that is most common to mankind today.

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As scientific research begins to grow, and also the food industries, scientist are able to not only isolate specific genes and insert them into other organisms, but also incorporate genetic engineering techniques into food and crops to produce desirable traits. The introduction of genes are produced for a variety of reason whether it is to make crops disease and infection resistant or to infuse them ith extra nutrients and vitamins.

Genetically modified food is generated in the same technique as genetically modified organisms, first identified is a particular characteristic wanted for the altered DNA. In other words, using herbicide resistance for example, after attaining the gene needed from the other organism, the gene is then inserted into the food to alter its DNA to give it its newly generated DNA and the characteristic, which in this case spraying weed killer on the genetically modified rop, the crop would not be affected.

Inescapably, GMOs is worldwide, all across the globe research facilities and food industries are alternating the genetics of organism using engineering techniques. Definitions of GMO has no made its way into the modern day dictionary. In other words, GMO is a big part or human nature today, including the food we eat, the magazines we read, and even the clothes we wear. Despite the organism, DNA can be created, transferred, and altered using genetic modifying techniques.

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