Garden Party

Garden Party

Every year her mother was in charged of the party. But this year her mother told Laura she would be in charge. Laura was scared but approached the task with confidence. She wanted to make her mother proud. Her first task was to find the perfect place for the marquee. The worker men arrived. She wanted to be confident and appear to know the exact spot. After several attempts the one worker man helped choose the spot. His workers started to dig the hole. The man was very nice to Laura.

He knelt down to pick a sprig of lavender to meal. This was not expected as she was told that all the working men were from a lower class of man. That they were not smart and never had a heart for them. She found this not to be true. She wished the boys at the dance were nice like this man. Laura was taught that the most important thing about the garden party was the way the flowers bloomed, the bushes were trimmed and to show off the trees. Many things that Laura was taught she is now finding were not true.

The placement of the argue in front of the karakas tree turned out to be the perfect spot for people to view it not the trees. The florist arrived with the Can Lilies. Laura thought it was a mistake since there was so many. But once again she is reminded that her mother wants things to be the biggest and the best. Then Laura goes to her mother to explain why she needs to cancel the party because a man has been killed. Her mother tries to explain to Laura that the death of a man from the down the hill should not make a difference to those attending their Arden party.

They come from two different social classes. Laura is shocked and confused, She is not sure that mother’s opinion is the best one. But, to obey her mother she chooses to follow along with the party as schedule. When the party was over her father told them about the death of the man down the hill. They decided to have Laura take the left over sandwiches to the family. Laura was nervous walking clown tenure. Seen near people talking Ana crying. Seen wanted to leave and go back home but did not. She went inside and saw the woman and her sister.

She went into the room where the man laid dead on a bed. She saw the contentment in the dead man’s face. All the garden parties, band music and lace frocks mean nothing. What a huge lesson she learned of what really matters in life. She saw that the things she was taught about people were not true like the worker men and the people living down the hill. She was very positive about life, people and nature. She loved the simple things and the natural beauty in things. Money was not a factor to enjoy life.