The Marriage of Fate and Free Will

The Marriage of Fate and Free Will The common definition of a hero is often skewed and misconceived. Heroes are usually viewed as supernatural, divine individuals who live to fight evil for the good of everyone else or at the very least, the damsel in distress. However, when one pauses to examine this definition more […]

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Nemesis in Macbeth

Shakespeare is aware of nemesis and the principle of retributive Justice by which good characters are rewarded and the bad, appropriately punished. Evidence of this can be reflected by numerous characters in this particular play, however this literary term does not apply to everyone in Shakespearean, Macbeth. This play is a tragedy, one of Shakespearean […]

Links in the Chain

Links in the Chain The Chrysalis are full of dilemmas and motifs that link with each other. There is death, lack of personal freedom, cruelty, punishment, humiliation, weather conditions, kindness and compassion, Jealousy and superstition. In the novel, all of these motifs link together at least one time. Death; the punishment for being different in […]

Economics and Health Care

Economics and Health Care BY bobby “Beamer to cause massive Job losses across food service industry’ Many people claim that the Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act (OPAC), also known as “Beamer” is the reason why our country continues to have the slow reaction it is having with increasing Jobs nation wide but now it […]

3-1 study guide

Unfortunately, the book as a whole is a little enslaved to fashionable theories: there is nothing biographical on Fleming the man, and how he reflected, and diverged from, his creation. This matters because this enigmatic writer shared a number of his hero’s qualities, including the fascination with fast cars, the plumy belief in Britain’s imperial […]

The Change of Faith in the Grapes of Wrath

The Change of Faith in The Grapes of Wrath Problems are inevitable in life, and a great deal can deter people from their natural hopes and traditional faith. The depression that the Goads go through creates questions about beliefs and religion, and shows how it truly affects their lives. Steinbeck communicates how it is difficult […]

Jazz music theory

Music Theory and Jazz Theory-some random thoughts on the subjects. Music theory is much maligned and misunderstood subject these days. This probably comes from it having become in academia at least, an end in itself. Music theory and jazz theory is a tool-a method for breaking a piece into its most basic elements so that […]

Globalization of Food

Thenceforward Written Assignment One: The Globalization of Food In Matthew Restart’s book Seven Myths of the Spanish Conquest, he states that “the Spanish Conquest is a mere episode in the globalization of access to resources of food production. The plants and animals of certain Old World environments and regions have a greater potential as food, […]

Black Men, Atmosphere Changers

The mere presence of black men contain the power to invoke awe, discomfort and intimidation. This power, however, does not Justify the grossly apologetic attitude and extreme behavior modification that Brent Staples exercised for the simple purpose of alleviating the fears and suspicions aroused by the presence of a black man. Brent says he smothered […]

Ethical Killing in The Hunger Games

Ethical Killing in The Hunger Games The Hunger Games is a book series ripe with ethical issues. Pane is a post apocalyptic America in which the series takes place. The country is divided into 12 Districts and one Capitol that rules over them. As a response to District ass’s rebellion, The Capitol instated The Hunger […]

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