Food Safety and Quality

Food Safety and Quality

Food safety & quality Roberts Bakery is committed to a policy of quality assurance throughout all activities in order to maintain its commitment to all stakeholders. The company has developed a series of food safety and quality management systems, which are an integral part of day-to-day business operations and are designed to protect the consumer, the employee and the business from any hazard to health. The products and services offered by the company are required to comply with customer specifications, legislation and company regulations.

Methods of assuring quality and food safety re based on a problem prevention basis and the company is dedicated to the application of the British Retail Consortium (BRC) Technical Standard, backed up by the application of Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points (HACCP). The management of this policy is undertaken by the technical managers of the company with the support of the full management team and all company personnel.

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The team constantly review procedures, taking into account business benchmarking, latest industry standards, legislation and customer feedback. Allergens Roberts Bakery will always clearly communicate to both staff and customers about he use of allergenic ingredients in our products. This includes clear allergen declarations on product packaging and the website, and staff training and risk assessment measures in the production process.

Genetically modified foods All of the ingredients that we use in the manufacture of Roberts Bakery products are from non-GM sources. Where appropriate identity preserved sources are used, for example for soya flour, which is fully auditable and traceable. It is the intention of Roberts Bakery to remain free of GM material and to avoid its introduction into any ew or existing products. We therefore support the use of ValidlT to confirm the status of susceptible ingredients.

Palm oil Roberts Bakery is working with its suppliers to source sustainable palm oil as quickly as possible. Further detail on the over-arching polices of Frank Roberts and Sons Limited, and its trading divisions, can be found at www. frank-roberts. co. uk or if you have a question regarding a particular policy then please get in touch. – See more at: http://www. robertsbakery. co. uk/about-us/food-safety-quality/#sthash. CqydiqSH. dpuf Food Safety and Quality By sakwe

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